10 Things that Can Impact Your Sex Life When You Do Them Too Often

Good sex makes you feel good. It’s one of life’s pleasures that don’t require you to spend lots of cash just to enjoy it unless you bring your partner to a luxurious place to enjoy each other’s company. But since sex involves two different people with different characteristics and preferences, your sex life may go through highs and ebbs, which is quite normal. What’s beyond normal is when your sex life is stuck at a point where you feel you’re unable to get out.

Most often, this is caused by the things you do with less awareness. Learn some of them and let it be the starting point to improve your sex life before things go out of hand.

You don’t exercise regularly

Regular exercise keeps your muscles strong, increases your energy levels, boosts mood and testosterone and enables you to have better bedroom performance. A lack of it naturally causes your energy levels to drop and makes you less motivated to do your daily tasks including sex. Have a regular exercise if you want to have highly orgasmic sex.

You have sex with a full stomach

For Pete’s sake avoid having sex right after meals. Not only will it make you less comfortable, but it also prevents proper blood flow of oxygen to your genitals. Peak blood flow is crucial for harder erections. When your stomach is full, your body focuses its work on digesting the food, hence neglecting all your other needs. Have sex at least an hour after meals. Better yet, eat lighter meals when you’re planning to have sexy time with your partner.

man peeingYou have sex right after peeing

Women are advised to pee before sex to prevent UTI’s while for men, a bathroom trip is a big no-no. If you want to pee, the ideal is twenty minutes before kinky time. This allows your penis more time to get an erection and be much more prepared for intense sexual intimacy. Peeing before sex also prevents you from peeing during sex, which may affect your boner.

You eat unhealthy foods

Your diet can have an impact on your daily tasks. Processed foods, particularly those heavily laden with sugar, can sap your energy. Without energy, you’re less likely to desire or anticipate for sex. Eat more whole fruits and vegetables because they are energizing foods that make you feel much, much better. Feeling good about yourself increases your desire for pleasure and sex. Avocados, watermelons, almonds, and chocolates are said to boost sex drive. Eat more of them.

Your sex life feels like a routine

Sex can become boring when you do the same thing in the same place at the same time. Add variety to your sex life to add some spark and excitement. It doesn’t mean you have to change a partner now and then. It only means having sex in different locations of the house at any time of the day. Don’t limit your kinky time to either daytime or nighttime only. From time to time break your schedule and surprise your partner. Experimenting on a variety of sex positions can also be exciting.

You don’t earn enough

This topic can be a bit sensitive but financial matters do affect your relationships. Your partner may request for something you’re financially incapable of. Even if she’s okay with a not-now-dear response, the guilt that accompanies for failing to give her what she wants may affect your performance. Try to earn more to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

You have no idea what your ideal sex life looks like

The good thing about sex is that you don’t have to master some skills to become skillful at it. You only need more experiences to expand your knowledge about it. Over time, you get to learn what turns you on as well as that of your partner’s. But that’s not enough. Sex can be more pleasurable when you know what your ideal sex life is. Let’s say, if you want more romantic sex, then on special occasions, you may want to design your bedroom the way romantic sex looks like to you, with lots of scents, candles, soft music, and the like.

You don’t tell your partner what she needs to hear

Women love words. They like appreciations and sweet nothings. Telling her what you love about her body can certainly increase her chances of squirting. If you aren’t comfortable with words during sex, at least moan or grunt. This allows her to know that she’s giving you pleasure. The more she gets cues from you, the more she’s likely to give what she’s got including a mind-blowing orgasm.

stretching at the gymYou don’t stretch your body regularly

Cramps in thighs and calves are common occurrences. If you’re not into the habit of flexing your muscles, you might be one of those guys who get a Charley horse and other muscle injuries. These distractions can kill the moment besides putting you in an embarrassing position. Make it a habit to stretch your muscles in the morning or right before sex. Some positions also require you to be a bit flexible.

You have low levels of testosterone

Low T can definitely harm your sex life since it decreases your sex drive or libido. Even if you manage to get an erection, it’s not as hard as it should be, which may only disappoint your partner.

Most younger males have no issues with testosterone. If you’re 40 and above, your sexual performance may give you some hints of insufficient levels. These include low sex drive, low energy, and erection difficulty.

If your symptoms aren’t alarming, you may correct your testosterone levels by eating nutritious and testosterone boosting foods along with vigorous exercise. Testosterone boosting supplements are also available when your diet isn’t enough to supply for your testosterone needs.