10 Ways to Set the Mood for Great Sex Without Asking Your Partner

by Robert Phillips
romantic beach sunset

Movies make us believe that romance and sex are all about a bunch of red roses and a box of chocolates. Actors often set the romantic scenes with rose petals scattered all over the floor and bed. Sexy music playing, bed cover draping, candles flickering, and a glass of champagne on the table waiting for the lucky lady. With this scene, we already know what’s to follow: torrid kissing and intense sex.

Being armed with these romantic tools gives you the confidence that you’ll win your partner’s heart and be the king of romance. Though we can’t separate roses and chocolates away from romance, they’re still not enough to build a strong relationship and healthy sex life.

Women are emotional beings who value communication and connection. And they’re also appreciative souls who don’t allow your efforts to go without notice. They love it when you take the extra mile and provide them the things they love or prefer.

Leave the bed filled with rose petals and a bottle of expensive champagne to the movie scene. You can set the mood for romance and amazing sex in your creative way. The following tips will help you do it.

1. Keep your partner in mind

You probably know your partner too well; her likes, dislikes, and preferences. When planning to have unforgettable sex, ask yourself what she likes best. Is it dim lights, soothing music, or alluring undergarments? If she appreciates lacy undies, buy her one and let her try it on while you’re watching. This definitely sets the mood.

2. Watch an erotic film together

Visuals are great tools that quickly send men into action. That’s why some of them are hooked with online porn. On the other hand, women are more excited about connection. An erotic film that goes with a good story might create interest in your partner. Choose an impressive erotic film and play it in the bedroom while she’s around. Then ask her to join you. Never mind watching till the end should one scene sets off both of you for a bumpy ride.

3. Diffuse an erotic scent

aromatherapy candle and oilBodily sensations also alter the workings of our brain. Even if you’re not thinking about sex, smelling something that reminds you about a romantic encounter unexpectedly causes your brain to play such memory. With that memory comes the sensation, which triggers your nerves for arousal and prepares your body for the same experience.

Scents have this tricky effect on the human brain. You can use scents to set off lovemaking by diffusing scents that boost sex drive. Good examples are sandalwood and citrus. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can use fragrance oils with these scents and give your partner a sensual massage. This way, your touch creates soothing warmth on her skin and the scents capture her sensations, which all pave the way for a romantic night. Scented candles can also bolster the same effect.

4. Use your manly perfume

This one is still connected with the smell sensation above. Surely, you have a perfume which is your partner’s favorite. Every time you use it, she just can’t help smelling and hugging you because you smell so manly. Spray that on whenever you want to be intimate with her. When she can’t resist hugging you, that means you don’t need to ask for a steamy action under the sheets. It’s already coming.

5. Play calming music

Sounds can be great tools for a romantic night together. Music soothes stressed minds and calms worn-out nerves. A calm state of mind is essential to set the mood for great sex. Create a playlist of her favorite songs but choose the one that suggests intimacy. Heartbreak songs just won’t do it. Avoid playing the radio as well. Commercials might only kill the mood. Better yet, play sexy and horny songs.

6. Put more effort

Call it cheesy, but women appreciate men who do everything to win her heart, soul, and time. Yes, time. It’s important for women who are more career-oriented in this modern world. If your partner is this kind, you need to put more effort to get her attention. Send her flowers even on regular days. And on days when you want to be extra romantic and intimate, send her dirty texts. Not just once but twice, thrice, or more. She’d be more excited to see you later when her mind is already filled with those sexy words of yours.

whispering sweet nothings7. Say it

Do you want things to be a little bit different? Whisper in your partner’s ear what you want to do with her if you were in bed. Even if you do it in a nonsuggestive way, the thought will excite her imagination. You will have more fun when you ask her what she wants to do to you in return. Imagination has power and before you knew it, you’re already heading for the bedroom.

8. Get naked

Take those clothes off and surprise her by seeing your naked body under the covers. If you think this is too much, walking around the house with only your underwear will do the trick. Let her guess what you’re up to. This creates excitement in her mind.

9. Show your funny side

Sex doesn’t have to be a serious business all the time. Keep it fun by sending her sexy but funny photos. Or, you can surprise her by wearing dinosaur undies. Most women prefer men who can make them laugh. Do anything that can make her smile or giggle, even if this leads to a fun and messy sex.

10. Be mindful

Above all, be aware of the right timing. Intimacy and incredible sex are necessary ingredients for a successful relationship. But there are times when your partner just can’t be intimate with you. Trying to make love with her while she’s busy for her presentation the next day can be devastating on her part. You must truly know what’s on her schedule before doing all of the above tips so that your sex life will always be as fantastic as it should be.

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