11 Hot Secrets to Become Sexually Irresistible to Women and Have the Power to Seduce Anyone

by Robert Phillips
man in underwear holding bra and condom

 Becoming sexually attractive could be a complex thing. This is because women differ in their tastes and preferences. Some women prefer bulging muscles while others are solved with a good sense of humor. But the most irresistible guy any woman can fall for is the one whose mere presence can make them mentally and sexually wet. This is the kind of guy the race of Adam wants to become. And I’m sure it’s what you want to be too.

Good looks do matter. But some noticeable attributes can kill your charisma if you don’t take extra effort to be conscious of your actions. Showing arrogance or lacking self-confidence can decrease women’s desire to rip your clothes off. That’s why it’s crucial to master the skills and techniques that can enhance your sexual appeal.

Learning these skills can go beyond gym workouts and fad diets. But with consistent practice and dedication, your efforts will pay off in the end, and you’d be extra glad you did sweat it all out in the first place. Seducing women would no longer be a problem.

Without further ado, here are following the tips and tricks that can increase her sexual desire for you.

1. Exude confidence

businessman and sexy womanConfidence isn’t learned. Instead, it’s a byproduct of the things that you do and makes you feel good. The more you do the things that give you good vibes, the more you develop your natural and best self.

Instead of trying to convince yourself to act confidently, find the things that you love doing and do them more often. Once you feel good about yourself, others can’t help but notice your happy vibes and the confidence they bring you.

2. Be her good friend

We know friend-zoning is a possibility. But you can’t be one when you know how to play your cards well. Being a good friend means to be by her side in the ups and downs of her life to listen to her woes or share with her triumphs.

Women can easily fall for a friend who seems to feel exactly how they feel. But don’t be the friend who’s always following her shadow. Give her time to miss your company and show her that you’re capable of flirting with other girls. This way, she’ll realize you’re a valuable company and may not want anybody to take you away from her.

3. Take advantage of body language

Your body language speaks a lot about you the same way you’re able to detect someone who either likes or dislikes you. To become sexually irresistible, you have to move your body in ways that convey sexual attractiveness or sensuality.

This may involve touching her arm lightly during conversations or rubbing your body slightly against hers in a crowded place. Be careful not to overdo it or else she may label you as a sex maniac.

4. Leave a good first impression

First impressions matter most. Though people say not to judge a book by its cover, it pays to leave a lasting sensual impression in the other person’s mind. It’s the only way for them to want to be with you again or be in bed with you the next time you meet. Leave not just a good impression but a sexually desirable first impression.

5. Be physically fit and healthy

Being fit is linked with robust health. When you take the extra effort to take care of your body and health, women will see you as a person who gives value to yourself, which makes you a valuable person for them.

Having good health and a fit body can also convey that you’re someone who can do great things in bed. Besides, a fit body under a crisp shirt makes women wonder how the body under it looks like. They may even visualize running their fingertips on your muscled skin.

6. Wear something that enhances your looks

The clothes you wear can either enhance your looks or reduce your attractiveness. Wearing clothes that fit well, enhance your skin tone, and bring about the masculinity in you are the best way to go. Ask your friends or your family for the kind of look that just makes you turn heads.

7. Talk dirty

Since your goal is to become sexually irresistible, talking dirty will open up her imagination to sexual fantasies that include you. Of course, you don’t have to do it right away to a girl you just met or to a bunch of girls in the room, unless dirty jokes are one of the topics.

Talk dirty to someone you want to have intimate moments with. This will also give you some clues if they’re on the same page. The best way to begin your dirty talk is to warm her up a bit through horny stories until she opens up her dirty deeds too.

8. Speak softly in a deep voice

sweet whispers on a dateWomen prefer men who have a deep voice because it conveys masculinity and sexuality. A deep voice filled with warmth and expression is irresistibly hot.

If you’re not gifted with a deep, masculine voice, using your natural voice works well too. But you can add bravado and power to your voice through deep breathing. Practice taking breaths from your diaphragm. When your shoulders don’t rise as you breathe, it means you’re breathing properly. Continue practicing this until you achieve that bedroom voice that can make women wet in their panties.

9. Show off a dirty laugh

A dirty laugh is another way to seduce a woman. It’s a cheeky naughty laugh that doesn’t always have to do with a naughty joke. It’s just a contagious laugh that others, especially women, can’t resist and would love to hear often.

10. Give sexy compliments

Being irresistibly hot is not always about you. Give sincere compliments when you find someone exudes sexiness. This will not only make them feel good about themselves but will pave the way to make them notice you and your sexually irresistible good looks.

11. Show off your sexy smile sparingly

While smiling often is a unique characteristic inherent in women, men who smile often can be off-putting since men are expected to have this macho image. This doesn’t mean you have to refuse to smile. Give your sexiest smile when the opportunity calls for it. Once you do, women can’t resist but have you in their wet dreams.

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