16 Common Causes Why Men Experience Low Sex Drive

by Robert Phillips
couple with low sexual desires

Problems in the bedroom do occur. A woman may refuse to have sex due to specific reasons, which is commonly acceptable. But when it’s men who refuse to have sex, we may say something isn’t right here. The truth is, men can have low sex drive from time to time. This just seems unforgivable because of the macho image we attach to men.

This social stereotyping runs deep that even men themselves may find it difficult to accept when their sex drive is at its lowest at certain situations. Yet, there are reasons why these situations can possibly happen. Some of them are medically related while others are more personal. If you’ve found yourself getting distressed for failing to give pleasure to your partner, check out the following causes and see which of them you can relate to.

1. Sexual rejection

Sexual rejection can hurt a man pretty deeply. It will create a lasting effect that may harm his sexual relationship with his partner. In order to protect himself from future rejections, he will pull back himself from sex. He will either show less interest or reduce the frequency and quality of his sexual advances.

Though his partner’s reason for the rejection is exhaustion from the day’s events, he may misinterpret it as a rejection of himself. This kind of misunderstanding doesn’t have to last. Men should be able to open up to their partner how rejection hurts them. By making her aware of his feelings, she may say no in a kinder way or in ways that hurt less.

2. Lack of emotional connection

A connection that goes beyond the physical makes sex sessions more fulfilling and satisfying. When the reason for sex is physical release only, men may not always be responsive to their partner’s initiation and erotic suggestions.

3. Health issues

Normally, sex would not be easier for men who underwent surgery, cancer treatments, or stroke. Even certain medications that treat diabetes and high blood pressure can reduce the testosterone levels in men, which leads to low libido and low sex drive.

4. Low testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone that helps build muscles and bone mass and stimulates the production of sperm. It also affects men’s sex drive. When testosterone levels are low, sex drive is low. Illnesses and aging can reduce the levels of testosterone. This means a low sex drive can be a warning signal for an underlying health condition.

5. Restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome or RLS is a disorder of a part of the nervous system that causes you to move your legs uncontrollably. Men who have this condition are at a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction prevents men from getting an erection or maintaining one.

depressed with sexual dysfunctions6. Depression

Depression is a state of the mind where you completely lose interest in almost everything including sex. Certain chemicals in antidepressants can also cause low libido.

7.  Chronic illness

Any pain that creates discomfort in your body normally reduces your desire for sex. It’s no wonder then that chronic illnesses, like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, heart problems, and kidney failure can push you to lose interest in sex. This is because your libido gets affected by these illnesses.

8. Sleep problems

A lack of sleep decreases men’s testosterone levels. This has been found in a study of nonobese men with obstructive sleep apnea. Their testosterone levels were found to be lower, which directly affected their libido and sex drive.

9. Aging

Since testosterone levels decrease as men age, older adults may find it a bit challenging to achieve an erection. If they do, it may not be as strong or as firm compared to their younger years. And it may also take a long time for them to get aroused. But certain supplements, pills, and even lifestyle changes can help older adults maintain their sexual health.

10. Stress

Stress, though unavoidable, can create havoc in men’s sex lives. When under stress, the hormone levels are disrupted and are likely to affect sex drive. Proper stress management is key to living a normal life and keeping your sex life healthy.

11.  Low self esteem

Not feeling good about yourself reduces your self-confidence. When you’re low on this attribute, your sexual encounters would not be as great. Low confidence can have a devastating effect on your performance and even your sex drive.

12. Over-exercising

Over-exercising and not exercising at all can affect your sex drive. Men who exercise too much were found to have lower libido while men who don’t exercise are prone to chronic illnesses that may affect libido. To maintain your sex drive, take your exercise in moderation.

13. Alcohol consumption

Too much alcohol in your body has been linked to reduced testosterone production. Drinking too much alcohol can also increase your chances of developing health conditions that may affect your libido and sex drive. Like exercise, take your drinking habits in moderation.

14. Online pornography

online pornographyIf you think watching online pornography doesn’t hurt since there’s no actual sex that’s taking place, you’re completely wrong. Online pornography has serious side effects including the reduction of your desire for physical sex. Your sex drive is reduced when you’ve masturbated too much. Porn consumption is also said to cause sexual anorexia, the anxieties you have about sex or fear of sex that limits intimacy. Additionally, porn can hurt your sexual performance when you start to look for stronger visual signals to get aroused.

15. Sexual orientation

Men who tend to repress their sexual orientation will naturally have anxieties when faced in sexual encounters with the opposite sex.

16. Sexual trauma

A history of sex abuse or sexual trauma can greatly affect a man’s sex drive. These are repressed experiences that need to be brought out into the open for healing and acceptance. When these issues aren’t given due attention, your sex life is likely to suffer, maybe for the rest of your life. And it may even hurt your relationships. When you have this problem, seek professional help before you completely ruin your life and deprive yourself of the sexual pleasure you deserve.

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