3 Ways To Help Prevent A Stroke

Strokes are pretty damn terrifying things which can have life changing and even fatal consequences. Unlike a debilitating illness, such as cancer, a stroke strikes as quickly as lightning, with the ripples of its effects felt instantly. A man could go from a healthy, happy-go-lucky chap who has the world at his feet and the most enviable body in the city, to a vulnerable, in-patient who needs around the clock care – all in a matter of seconds.

Many guys wrongly assume that a stroke is out of their hands. The general though is that, if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. Nothing you can do about it. We’ve seen otherwise healthy guys just like us suffer a stroke, and it’s very easy to assume that, because strokes happen to anyone, it’s largely a lottery. If you suffer a stroke, it’s just downright bad luck. Or so the theory goes.

The reality, though, is very different. The truth is that a stoke is not something that strikes at random, picking out its victims according to some sort of sinister lotto. Instead, a stroke pounces when our arteries in our brain begin to narrow, and the power to stop this from happening is – thankfully – in our own hands. Indeed, there are preventative steps you can take to help keep a stroke at bay, and we’re gonna take a look at some of these now.

Drink More Coffee

Coffee is GOOD! This is great news if you already happen to drink a lot of Joe. If you don’t, well, start drinking some more!

Coffee is full of antioxidants that bring forth numerous health benefits, and if you drink up to four cups a day, you could go some distance to reducing the risk of stroke.

If you’re wondering how in the heck you can spread FOUR cups of coffee across your day, we recommend one as soon as you get up, followed by two at work and a fourth in the evening.

Take A Load Off

Work can be taxing. If you’re working 12-14 hours a day – as a lot of people are at the moment – the pressure this can put you and your brain under is enormous. The problem is, we can’t see the pressure that our work is putting our brain under and so we don’t do anything about it.

To make sure that you take a load off and your brain stays energised, we recommend staying hydrated throughout the day. Drink lots of water and perhaps even consume lots of peanuts and cashews. The essential fatty acids found in the nuts will end much-needed energy to your brain.

To help you further take a load off, we recommend taking regular walks to make sure that your scenery stays fresh. Being glued to your desk all day and even throughout the evening is not cool.

Improve Your Cardio Health

Cardio exercises are a great way of reducing the risk of stroke. We’re not asking that you go crazy and get on a ski machine for 3 hours a day, but if you spend around 30 minutes each day doing cardio, you will improve your levels of brain-originated neurotrophic factor.

This will enable you to have greater cognitive functions, which is essential in preserving the health and wellbeing of your brain.

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