4 Tips for Getting Your Wife to Be More Daring in Bed

When you’ve been with your wife for so many years, sex can get pretty stale. When she or you are in the bed, you know the drill: get undressed, get right into it, do your thing, and then it’s all over. Nothing is ever different, and nothing ever changes.

While you may have tried to do something different like try different sexy outfits on each other, these probably have no done the trick.

So if you’re looking to get your wife to be as daring as you are and make your sex life amazing again, here are 5 tips for doing so:

#1 – Get Her Some Toys

When all else fails, you can try using the all-famous sex toys to liven the mood a bit. While male sex toys do exist, the market for women sex toys far outweighs the man section.

The best thing to do would be the purchase a few cheaper ones and see if she likes those. After all, getting her in the mood is your top priority, because then she might be more open to try more of your ideas.

And if you start with regular and sane ideas like this, she’ll trust your opinion on more extreme stuff.

#2 – Make Her Explore

Sick of the bedroom all the time? Suggesting that you two take your sex to new places could be something she’ll be interested.

Did you know that performing in public places is something that 60% of couples do and have shared exquisite results? This is partly  because of the adrenaline rush you experience when doing this.

So if you have sex on a beach, in a park, or on a street corner, see what else she’ll do.

#3 – Get Her Reading

Those Fifty Shades of Grey books really drive women up the wall sexually, and as men, we’re not sure why. But it probably has something to do with the sexually explicit text.

So if you get her reading a lot more than she does now, she may even have some awesome ideas for you!

#4 – Show Her What You Want

While watching porn may be weird with your wife in the room, it’s certainly something that could interest her as you move along in your quest to make sex more fun again.

So let’s say you want to perform a specific sex act with you wife. She won’t know what it is unless you show her. So get your favorite video and let her know that she should try it.

Chances are that she’ll be on board!

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