The 411 on Skin Revitalize Night Radiance Cream by Avon Elements

The 411 on Skin Revitalize Night Radiance Cream by Avon Elements

Is Avon Elements Skin Revitalize Night Radiance Cream the next breakthrough in skin care technology? Is it the product that is finally going to get rid of those unsightly discolorations and wrinkling skin? A lot of times product promises sound just lofty to be actually believable. If this product does what it says it will do then how is it so cheap? The first thing to clear up, before working on your skin, is how the 24-day skin cell cycle works. Every 24 days new skin cells appear and old ones hopefully get cleared away. By adding a product to your regimen daily, you can affect the 24-day cycle and influence new cells while helping to get rid of old ones or maintain them in the meantime.

How Does Avon Elements Skin Revitalize Night Radiance Cream Rejuvenate Dry and Wrinkled Skin?

It quickens the skin cell renewal process just explained in the 24-day cycle. This will make for a more rejuvenated and clearer skin tone. Even, supple skin is hard to achieve without proper moisture. By sealing in your skin’s moisture at night you can wake up looking supple and refreshed instead of dry and worn out.

Here are some of the ingredients that work to fight against dark circles, fine lines around the mouth and eyes, and sun damage:

Dull skin

Water/EAU – A compound that helps skin cells regenerate at a faster pace. It is technically an acid, but don’t get scared away by the name, this one is completely safe and promotes healing and eliminates dryness and red inflammation.

Aronia- An all-natural protein that irons out those wrinkles through relaxation. Wrinkles are micro-contractions deep within the skin. Aronia helps to penetrate those contractions and relax them, fixing old wrinkles and preventing new ones from turning up.

Propanediol – An amino-peptide that helps to amp up collagen production. Collagen is essential to having healthy glowing skin with youthful elasticity. Propanediol is also an anti-inflammatory, perfect for women with sensitive skin.

But is this night cream safe?

The ingredient list is filled with a lot of pretty standard compounds found in nighttime moisturizers. The other more unusual ingredients on the list like certain fruits are completely all-natural and harmless unless you have a specific allergy to those items. Always test patch on the inside of your elbow or inner arm before putting any new skin care product all over your face, if you get a small hive or rash, throw it in the trash.

The Pros and the Cons

Skin Revitalize Night Radiance Cream Ingredients

On the upside, this night cream is easy to apply, smells great, and works to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Many women did not experience the miracle results promised, but did like the way the night cream made their skin look and feel compared to before use. While they didn’t see all their wrinkles disappear in a months time they did feel they had a more radiant look and softer skin to touch.  For just $10.99, if you are looking for a daily night time moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated this could be a good pick to cover your most basic needs.

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