5 Foods To Keep Diabetes At Bay

29 people living in America have diabetes. That’s a humongous amount of people struggling with a disease that wasn’t even given much thought fifty years ago at a time when Mick Jagger was strutting his stuff.

To put that into context, Mick Jagger is still having sex with nubile twenty-somethings, and yet 29 million more American’s are now ill with diabetes.


One of the reasons – if not the main reason – so many people are suffering with diabetes is down to a poor diet. And here’s a pretty mad theory: If it was our diets that gave us diabetes in the first place, wouldn’t it be our diets that could, you know, keep diabetes at bay??


You see, diabetes can get seriously out of hand, causing complications such as holes in your feet, blindness – and even death. To make sure this never happens (although we all gotta die someday), we can pack our bodies with the kinds of nutrients that stabilise our blood sugar levels whilst offering manly protection to our hearts.

Citrus Fruit 

If you’ve got diabetes, you’ve probably got low levels of vitamin C in your body. Citrus fruit is packed with antioxidants and, unlike a C pill, they’re high in fibre.

Green Tea 

Okay, we know green tea is not everyones cup of tea (you’re fired for that one – ed), but chronic inflammation can cause heart attacks – as well as preventing your body from absorbing blood sugar.

To put an end to this nastiness, you could drink green tea, which is rich in inflammation-fighters. If you’re a coffee-head, all you gotta do is replace on cup of Joe each day with a green tea.


We’re nuts for nuts here (pack your stuff – ed), and this is because nut lovers everywhere decrease their chances of developing heart disease. This means if you become a nut lover, you’ll also decrease your chances too.

Just don’t go nuts (right, that’s it, security! – ed), because too much will lead to weight gain.

Dark Chocolate 

Finally, something that tastes great. Dark chocolate is great for improving insulin insensitivity, which is what you basically need if you want to look after your type 2 diabetes. Dark chocolate also drops your blood pressure too.


The next time you get a bag of chips, ask ‘em to drown them in vinegar because this stuff will help your blood sugar plummet.

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