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5 Habits to Keep Your Relationship Happy

5 Habits to Keep Your Relationship Happy

by menlivehealthyMarch 2, 2017

Staying in a committed relationship is a task that needs proactively attending to. You cannot expect to be happy every minute unless you try to break habits that make your relationship less positive. Arguing, laziness, disrespect, name-calling, and distance are all things that can negatively affect the smoothness of a relationship. However, if you want to be like those cute couples, you see snuggled up in bars or at the bus stop, you really need to work at showing you partner you are ready for a reciprocal relationship of mood-lifting habits. Try changing your daily routine to include some of these rituals to inject a little everyday loving into your partnership.

 1. Morning Coffee

preview-full-64cc8fcc437eba7762299f327aeb6c93Mornings can be stressful affairs, especially if you are hate waking up and then have to rush to work. Sometimes you don’t have time for breakfast, so most often a coffee at the station will have to do. However, how about setting the alarm earlier by 10 minutes each day, to have a morning coffee with your partner. You could even bring them one in bed, to wake them up. Those ten minutes of sleep won’t really make a difference to your day, but having a coffee with your partner enables you to start the day on the same page, while you can quickly hash out any worries. It also gives you a boost of loving to keep you feeling positive throughout the day as those oxytocin levels pump through the body.

 2. Kiss Goodbye

When you leave each other each day for work, make sure that you give each other a kiss goodbye. This stimulates the brain to release happy hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin, while also conditioning the brain to associate your partner with these feelings of happiness. This increases your satisfaction with your partner, while also physically showing them that you love them each morning.

 3. Pillow Talk

Studies have shown that happier couples tend to go to bed together and speak for at least ten minutes while in bed. Firstly, when couples don’t go to bed together, they tend to lose the intimacy in the bedroom and while sleeping. Equally, the ten minuted allows you to discuss your day and to converse about how it can be improved. It has been found that in this time, couples tend to discuss the future, which keeps them on a path moving forward.

 4. Surprise Sex

preview-full-What-is-Pillow-Talk-and-How-to-Make-It-BetterWhile frequent sex is important to keeping a relationship alive, routine sex can be damaging to the spontaneity of the relationship and can lead to stale relations between the two of you. Making sure that your sex life remains impromptu and exciting is important to keep the spark between you. Equally, sexual tension is built upon not knowing when you will have sex, so spontaneity helps keep that alive.Try instigating sex in unusual places, even within your own home, as this will keep her guessing. If you really want to give her a show try using a supplement like ‘Sexual Overdrive’ to keep you going all night.

 5. Say ‘Thanks’

Knowing you feel appreciated is one of the things that keeps you doing the things you do. Consider being at work and always doing more than your job asked, but without being recognized. Recognizing what your partner does for you and taking them time out to thank them will really help for a mutual bond of appreciation.

The best way to keep your relationship happy is to take them time appreciate your partner through affection, time out of your day, and showing mutual respect for each other’s lives.

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