5 Signs of a Heart Attack, and When to Act Fast

When you’re having a heart-attack, is can often be too late to get help, or even help yourself. That’s a scary thought, but most people simply do not know the signs and symptoms of a heart-attack, and by the time you really know what’s going on, you’re way passed the point when you can safely seek medical attention without dying.

Heart-attacks are obviously very scary things, and like it or not, if you’re eating poorly and have a bad diet, you have up to a 60% increase in your chances of having one. As you get older, your chances also increase, so you need to be proactive here.

So here are the 5 signs of a heart-attack, and these should mean that you can act fast. These also help you identify when someone else is having one.

An intense pain and tight feeling in your chest

This is often the immediate sign of having a heart-attack. Your chest will feel like it’s having the worst cramp of your life, and it’ll feel like your heart is going to explode. This is your heart’s way of trying to flush out the fat build-up in your blood valves. Unfortunately, your heart simply can’t push all of this stuff out, and it succumbs to failure temporarily (or permanently if you expire).

Before the episode, you may feel weak and drowsy

Because your heart is working overtime, you’ll feel extremely fatigued and less likely to engage in any physical activity. You’ll also feel like you can barely pick up heavy things like you used to.

This is an obvious sign!


When you’re feeling abnormally lightheaded, this can be a clear sign that something isn’t right. While there are a number of issues associated with being lightheaded, this should be a sign that you should head to the hospital and get it checked out.

If it’s not a problem with your heart, you may be able to find out if you have another problem you don’t know about.

Extreme Anxiety

When you’re feeling unusually anxious, this is another sign of a heart-attack waiting to happen. While we all get anxious, because your heart is working in overdrive, your brain is sending signals to your body to seek help, and your body recognizes this.

Abnormal Heartbeat

If you feel like your heart is beating funny, this is an obvious sign that your heart is not in the best shape it could be in. This is usually seen when the heart ventricles are fully packed up with fatty deposits, and this can result in the familiar chest pain and tightness that sufferers often face.

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