5 Tricks to Tasting Better

5 Tricks to Tasting Better - Menlivehealthy

Tired of seeing her make that wincing face like she just swallowed a tablespoon of vinegar at the end of an oral sex performance. If you want to stop having your load unsexily spit into the trash can start eating right. Since semen is naturally a little salty, whatever ingredients you add next to that base will determine what your semen tastes like. Here are five tips to concoct the perfect recipe for sweet tasting semen.

Quit the Coffee

Drinking too much caffeine can make your ejaculate taste bitter, so put down that cup of coffee the morning before your date. Though one might think that coffee or other caffeinated energy drinks with tons of sugar will make semen taste sweet, it really will only make it taste bitter.

Spice things up

Cinnamon is believed to make semen a much tastier treat for your partner. Sprinkle it into protein shakes or over oatmeal in the mornings. Cinnamon has a lot of other health benefits and is believed to lower blood pressure and help diabetics control triglyceride levels. Cardamom and peppermint are other aromatics that can help you taste delicious.

Avoid Dairy and Red Meat

Red meat will only add to the already salty taste of semen. Opt for chicken or fish which are leaner, more heart healthy forms of protein. Dairy products can also make semen taste even saltier; they have been a proven to produce some sour tasting spunk.

Say NO to Sulfur

Sulfuric foods like asparagus or broccoli are some of the worst things you can eat for your ejaculate. Sulfur makes it taste like rotten eggs, forget bitter and salty, that stuff is just down right gag-worthy.

Get Tropical

You’ve heard rumors about pineapple since middle school, but its true, sweet fruits will enhance the taste of your salty semen, sweetening it up. When trying to sweeten your semen always go for natural sugars found in fruits, never processed. Chemicals and preservatives in sweet snacks will not have the same effect.

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