5 Unexpected Wingmen To Help you Pick Up Women

Got a wingman?

There’s nothing more awesome than going for a night out with your trusted wingman. Having your wingman by your side ups your chances of scoring one (or more) for the night instead of striking out. It’s always handy to have someone you know who will back you up and give you that extra confidence boost. A great wingman’s loyalty goes far beyond friendship. It’s a brotherhood; and why not? You’d do the same for your wingman, wouldn’t you?

But what if you don’t have a wingman?

That would be really sad, but it does happen. Your friends work, date, get married, travel, and all of the other things that would have them occupied instead of being your wingman. Not having a wingman could get you a little rigid in the game. You can try your luck, but it does feel a little depressing not having your wingman to boost your morale after you fall flat on your face.

Thankfully, not just our bros are capable of navigating us through the social jungle. Here are 5 unexpected wingmen to help you pick up women:

Your boss

Going for a night out after work is one of the reasons why I keep great ties with my boss. Not only did I find that it’s freakishly easy for your boss to be a wingman, being a wingman for your boss has its benefits too. It’s more like a quid-pro-quo thing that my boss and I have going on. Let your boss in on your after work hunt. You’ll be surprised.

Your dog

You’ve probably heard of tons of stories using dogs to pick up women, right? That’s because it’s true. Dogs are irresistible. There’s nothing better to take with you in your day game than your dog. If you haven’t done it yet, teach your dog some new tricks. Take your dog for a walk. You’ll be amazed at how awesome ladies respond to dogs. Why does it work? Aside from being irresistibly adorable, having a dog shows that you’re responsible, which is what many women look for in a man.

Your sister

Say what? If you have a prickly relationship with your sister, better sit this one out. However, if you and your sister get along very well, you can have her as your wingman. Ladies won’t trust other ladies EXCEPT if it’s your sister. Bring your sister to one of your hunting grounds. Beware, though. Your sister can turn a girl into a girlfriend, then to an ex real fast.

Your Ex

Fellas, this is one of the reasons why you should end it in good terms with your ex unless there’s cheating involved. If you have somehow managed to get your ex to stay as your ex while being just good friends, then she’s one of the best wingmen you could ever have. No, it doesn’t mean that you have to go out again so you could meet new ladies, you could hang out as a group and have her as your wingman. She knows your goods better than anyone, and what better way to build you up than speaking from experience?

Your dad

Your old man may be the most motivated wingman you could ever have. Taking your old man to your hunting ground not just builds up your father-son relationship, it could lead to a whole lot more. Despite what you might think, all wingmen dads are the same. They fully commit to the game, and more often than not, they’re more into it than you are.

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