6 Fears You Don’t Like Talking About

by Robert Phillips
scared nerdy guy in glasses biting nails

You have fears. Many of them, as a matter of fact. But if I don’t seem to want to agree with that. Stereotypes abound and teach women that you have no fears. This can be a really hard place for you because of course, you’re a person, you have tears. But, being a man, you may not fair, cool talking about these fears. Just want to keep them hidden the armor that is your masculine today. That’s cool, but in case you do want to talk about him, this article is going to on earth them and put them out on display.

Here are six of those fears that you either don’t want to talk about or society doesn’t want to hear about.

#1 Body Image, Including Hair

While stereotypes about your body aren’t drilled into your had since birth, like for women, there are many stereotypes that exist for you. There usually learned in a more subliminal way. Through TV, movies, and Ken dolls. Stereotypes like men need to have six-pack abs, men need to be taller than their women, and men need to have large penises. Body image fear is an ever-present fear in your life that prompts you to spend hours in the gym. Yeah, you do want to be fit, but you aren’t getting Arnold Schwarzenegger guns just so you can look at yourself in the mirror, all day. Neither do you look for a shorter woman, use penis pumps, and slow down on the beer just to hang out with yourself.

Hair, whether you have too much/too little on your body, or not enough on your head, can be a huge fear. Will she think you look like a Chia Pet? Will she think you’re too bald? The fear can get in the way of you putting yourself out there.

To give you some peace of mind, if a woman rejects you for any of these reasons, you can do better.

#2 The Green Paper

Money. Green. Or multicolored if you live in the UK. Money can be a huge stressor for you. While women are taught to be ladylike and housewife-material, you’re taught that money makes relationships, it’s your job to make all the money, and oftentimes, that’s the main reason women want you. This is so damaging to your young psyche. Before you get even start a relationship, you’re thinking about supporting your family. The truth is, women love to be loved, accepted, and cared for. Now, that’s not to say she wants to be living in a bus, but know that, she wants you more than anything else.

If you’re a workaholic, traveling to different countries every day, making as much money as one man can make, do you think she’s going to be happy? No. She’s going to be sitting in your huge mansion, lonely, wishing you were there.

Make money, yes, but remember that money isn’t who you are. For that matter, you and your woman may have careers, but money isn’t what she really wants. What, rather who, she really wants, is you.

#3 Height

short man looking up at taller womanOh, this dreaded stereotype. From Tom Cruise standing on a higher step to the producers of Harry Potter selecting girls shorter than Daniel Radcliffe, height is a huge, and unnecessary, stereotype. The basic gist of this stereotype is this: women are trained from a young age that men should be tall. About 5’9 – 5’10 or so. Their mothers, and other women in their lives, tell them they need a tall man to make tall sons, who will then be wanted by future women. So, to continue the human race a tall man is needed. This notion that the “ideal man” is tall may have your stomach twisted up in knots, but know this, judging you on your height is absurd. Your height has nothing to do with the important stuff like your personality, humor, wit, charm, and love for her. Though the day hasn’t come when something as arbitrary as your height doesn’t matter, finding a woman who will want you no matter your height is the goal.

You can’t change your height, but you can change your woman.

#4 Competition

There’s not much that will stir up your jealousy, aka fear, more than another man. Though you may try your best to not show this jealousy on the outside, seeing your woman even looking at another guy can bring up some insecurities you’d rather not discuss. With your hand clenched in your pocket, you might be thinking, “Is he funnier than me? Buffer than me? Packing more money than me?” The biggest question swirling in your mind may be, “Is she going to leave me for him?” If you’re feeling like this, you’ll want to have an open, relaxed, talk with your woman. Tell her how you feel. More than likely, she’ll say you’re the only one for her. And she’ll mean it. While women may be stereotyped as promiscuous, most women want a forever-love with one man who is faithful and appreciative.

#5 Few Previous Relationships

Not having a lot of previous relationships can make you feel like you’re not “manly enough”. you look down at your belt and see two notches. Or none. The stereotype is that men sow seeds like rain falls from the sky and you might feel the pressure to boast about relationships you haven’t had.

#6 Crying

depressed man crying aloneCrying openly can be a huge fear. Even if something traumatic happens, you might be reluctant to show your emotions. Society says that strong men don’t cry. The truth is, there is no right way to handle a horrible situation or just feelings of sadness. You have the right to your feelings and the way you express them.

These are six fears that you may keep hidden. It’s okay to feel these fears, but don’t let them stop you.

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