6 Sexual Healing You Can’t Ignore

by Wyatt Beatrix
up against the wall

When two partners find their relationship at a crossroads, they can either choose to break up or give it another go. While some choose to end it and live their lives separately, others find that they have too many treasurable memories to give up simply. If two partners decide to try and strengthen the relationship and to resolve the issues that first brought them to the crossroad, they both need to be prepared to put in a lot of effort.

This scenario often involves a lot of healing that needs to be done – by both partners individually, but also as a couple. Only then will the relationship be able to return to a stable path, and both partners return to a state where they feel like the relationship is working again.

Since sexual intercourse and other related sexual activities often form an important part of a healthy relationship, the two individuals will require some sexual healing to help them get back that spark in the bedroom. Let’s discuss some essential tips that can help a relationship grow stronger in the bedroom – even when a crossroad has been hit.

1. Start with Some Romance

sex on the tableEven when a relationship has been going strong for decades, romance should still play a vital role, and both partners should try to be romantic. It’s not necessary to put romance into everything you do, but now-and-then some romance can help you connect with your partner, and it may even add some spark to your connection, thus leading to a better time in the bedroom. Buy your partner box of chocolates, light some candles and cook a special dinner, or go all out and plan a romantic getaway for the two of you.

2. Try Something New

Maintaining a healthy sex life with the same partner can be tedious, and doing the same thing every time you and your partner are getting busy in the bedroom can quickly become boring. In fact, The Guardian reports that boring relationships is often what causes a person to look for something more “exciting,” which often leads to cheating. Instead of performing the same “warm-up” routine and doing the same things you usually do during foreplay, try something different. Even a new sex position can help to add some spark to your sex lives.

3. Take A Shower

While having sweaty sex is sometimes a turn-on, it’s not something that your partner will feel like having every single time. It might be perfectly fine after a night of partying like wild animals, but when you’ve planned a romantic night with your partner, then you should make sure you take a shower, clean up and make yourself smell nice. This is a great way to show your partner that you still care about them – you’ve taken the time and effort to make sure you are ready for what’s coming.

4. Take Care of Yourself

Both partners need to realize that even though they are in a relationship, they are still two separate beings. They also need to realize that being in a relationship for ten years doesn’t mean they suddenly don’t have to look after themselves anymore. Caring for yourself should still be at the top of your priority list – make sure you brush your teeth, shower often, do the laundry, eat healthily, and stay in shape. These can all show your partner that you still care about looking your best for them.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

couple getting intimateDon’t put too much pressure on yourself if you’re not perfect every time you and your partner have sex. You should also not put too much pressure if you don’t feel like a session of sexual intercourse wasn’t perfect. Remember that practice makes perfect – try different positions, try different techniques, and practice by yourself sometimes. Eventually, you will know exactly what to do to make your partner desire you never like before.

6. Sexual Dysfunctions Should Be Treated

Both men and women can suffer from the dreaded symptoms of sexual dysfunctions. This can be uncomfortable and can not only cause problems in the bedroom, but it can also result in issues in a relationship. If you suffer from any type of sexual dysfunction, be it erectile dysfunction, a low libido, premature ejaculation, or any other form of sexual problem, you should try to get the problem fixed. See a doctor or talk to a therapist – they are trained in dealing with situations like these, and they will be able to advise on the best course of action to be taken.


Sexual healing should be an important part of the repairing process of any relationship where sexual intercourse was an important part of keeping the relationship healthy and happy. Simply jumping into bed and expecting everything to be perfect isn’t always going to work, but putting the tips we have shared here into action can help the two partners gain back that spark and put them on the road to not only healing their relationship but also to healing their sexual wellbeing.

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