6 Signs You’re Really Bored

by Robert Phillips
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You may have been going through your life feeling and enjoying many activities And then, life just sucked.  Nothing could hold your attention and new things didn’t even pique your interest. You now feel lethargic and unmotivated all the time. You may be wondering if this is something serious, but, the truth is, most likely it is not. You may just be bored. Here are six symptoms to confirm your diagnosis and some ways you can rid your life of this constant boredom.

#1 Complacency At Work

You don’t love the job you took, it just paid well. Maybe you’ve been at this job for a year or more and there’s no spark left. Each day is a chore and you’re literally at that desk on a Monday morning because of the paycheck. You have lost the will to engage and interest in the tasks, your colleagues, and your company’s mission have faded away. This job will do, for now, but after you have paid all of your bills and saved up a bit of tie-me-over money, it is recommended to start looking for something else that is more challenging.

If you aren’t in a place to switch jobs, you may want to find an outlet for your pent-up passion. If you enjoy writing, make time for this a couple of hours of the day or whenever you have free time. Volunteer at your local hospital or make a silly YouTube video. Do whatever sparks the passion inside of you. Your job doesn’t run your life or define you. To get started, try this. Instead of falling asleep as soon as you get home, stay up, and do one thing that makes you feel fulfilled. You’ll find that each day has a bit more meaning and the boredom has lessened.

What if you are in your dream job? If you find your dream job has become stale, you may not be bored, but experiencing burnout. Working very hard with little breaks can lead to symptoms that look like boredom, though they are worse for you. Take time off if you can and see if your mood has improved. Burning out can lower your productivity and decrease your job satisfaction a great deal, but the solution is simple.

#2 A Break-up Broke You

bored unhappy couple on their mobile phoneWhether it was sudden or had been slowly happening, you may have just experienced a miserable break-up and are struggling with sadness. If this sadness continues for too long, you could grow detached from everything and everyone you love. Not only will your irritability and sadness negatively affect you it may also negatively impact those around you. To combat these break-up blues and banish the boredom that’s been lounging on your fun and creativity, you need to find your individuality.

Please remember this: Before you discovered your significant other you were a whole person and while you were with your significant other you were a whole person and now that you are not, you’re still a whole person. Take small steps to get through the unpleasant feelings that accompany a break-up and when these feelings subside enjoy the time to yourself. You can now go and do whatever you like whenever you’d like. This can help lift your spirits and increase self-confidence.

#3 Your Relationship Is Consuming You

There’s a difference between admiring your significant other and combining with them. When you begin a relationship or start a new chapter in an old one, remain true to who you are. Continue most of the activities you used to and don’t worry about conflicts between the two of you. Like you, your significant other should have their own life outside of the relationship. Catch up with your family and friends, they have been missing you. Hang out with the guys or read your favorite book. Taking time to yourself is both your right and good for you.

#4 You Don’t Remember What You Like

bored man switching TV channel can be happierWhen you are in the grips of boredom you may forget what you like doing altogether. You may not recall what movies, food, or music you like. Boredom can seem similar to a very mild level of depression. You may lose sight of your goals, personal interests, and have no motivation to do anything more than binge-watch some show you no longer like on Netflix. To rediscover your interests, you may want to try finding a new one. This may spark your curiosity and help you enjoy life once more.

#5 One Shirt, One Pair Of Pants

You may have noticed your wardrobe has gotten smaller and smaller as the boredom has strengthened. You often wear the same clothes in a cycle and have stopped looking for anything new. Has that white shirt with the red and black plaid over shirt and black jeans become your Monday and Thursday uniform? Each morning, look for some items you haven’t seen in a while. You may feel better with these clothes and receive comments on your new look.

#6 You Don’t Have Any Updates

A month could go by and you wont have any news to share. You haven’t learned, bought, or really done much of anything. Boredom has stalled your life. Try checking into what your friends are doing. If they invite you to a party or out for a coffee take their invitation. Have fun, relax, and sing some bad karaoke. Read a book or watch a funny movie. While you may not enjoy it right now, if you stay diligent you can get out of this funk. Just remember that even tiny updates are a step in the right direction.

Boredom can suck the passion from you. With a few changes in your day you can recapture the spark you knew so well as a child. Your life has many experiences waiting for you, so go after them!

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