8 Outdated Myths About Sex You Need to Let Go to Make Your Sex Life A Lot Better and Happier

by Robert Phillips
intimacy in the bedroom

Sex has been around since the creation of humans. As humans evolve, much has changed in the bedroom. What used to be a sexual norm in the past can be viewed as weird in our more modern times. No woman would ever want to have sex with a stranger right after her wedding, which used to be the tradition in ancient Mesopotamia for wives to become fertile. Masturbation in men was also prohibited because of the belief that it can drain them of their life force.

So much has changed since then. Yet, some men still cling to outdated sex myths, which prevents them to fully engage themselves in more pleasurable sex. Some of these myths are as follows.

1. Penis size matters

If there is one body issue men are secretly worried about, it’s their penis size. Believing that size matters in giving a woman satisfying sex, they may feel less capable when they thought their penis is not the largest. It’s true some women find delight in bigger penises, but some also commented that it’s how men use what they have that truly matters.

Sex is not all about vaginal-penile intercourse. It’s a combination of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the couple. Even excellent oral sex can fire up a woman, sending her multiple orgasms. Penis size is an outdated myth you need to let go.

2. Masturbation stops once you find a partner

man touching himselfOver a period of time, science has supported masturbation in men to be crucial to maintaining their sexual health. It has been found to help prevent serious diseases like prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. Despite these positive claims, some men stop masturbating once they engage in sex with a partner. They believe masturbation is some kind of cheating, especially when it goes with porn.

The truth is men and women can masturbate when they want to. Your partner will not be always around when the need arises. Or, they might be too stressed to engage in sex. Masturbation can go well with satisfying sexual encounters. If you think you’re the only one doing it, studies showed that the rate of masturbation in couples who live together is higher.

3. Sexual performance is important when seeking a partner

A good performer in bed is quite preferable, but when it comes to selecting a long-time partner, both genders have different preferences, and it has less to do with how you perform in bed. A series of studies involving different participants in 37 countries revealed that the majority of men are attracted to women based on their physical appearance.

Interestingly, women have a different preference when it comes to picking a partner. They prefer men who are financially well off. It might be because of a survival instinct. Women want their children to be financially secure and better able to survive in the ups and downs of life.

4. Men have more sexual problems compared to women

Both men and women can have sexual problems, especially when they’re older. But since the inability of men to get or maintain an erection is more noticeable, they’re considered to have more sexual problems. Additionally, compared to women, men are more prone to serious health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, and higher cholesterol levels, which can all lead to erectile dysfunction.

5. Porn can destroy your relationship

Anything that is too much can be destructive, including porn. But when used in moderation, it can be good for most couples. Studies reveal that couples who watch porn together have increased intimacy and frequency of sex and improved relationships. Even those who watch alone and in moderation report of having healthy sexual relationships.

The reason for this may be that couples who are more open to porn are also more open to communicating about their sexual experiences as well as their sexual problems. Porn encourages them to openly share each other what their individual sexual preferences are and what their major turn-offs. They’re also open to experimenting with new positions that can enhance their sexual life.

senior couple still together6. Sexual activity stops at the age of 60

The quality of sexual intercourse may decrease as a person advances in age due to health and physical conditions associated with aging, one reason why some people loathe coming to age. But this can only be a cause for concern when the elderly isn’t in good health. Being able to maintain your health until the ripe old age can support an active sex life.

Besides, when couples reach 60 and beyond, they’re more focused on the quality of their relationship than physical intercourse. An active sex life could be around kissing, cuddling, or intercourse. And with the help of some lubricants, sexual intercourse may still ring you pleasure and joy.

7. The coming of a child strengthens a couple’s sex and relationship

While it’s true that the birth of a child can further cement a couple’s relationship, the added responsibility can affect their sexual life. After pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes hormonal changes, which can lower her libido and sex drive. She can also be busy with the baby that she lacks the time to be intimate with her partner.

Being a new parent isn’t easy. As hard as it may seem, know that this won’t last. Give your partner more time to heal her body as well as help her in taking care of the baby. As the baby grows, your sexual relationship will normalize again.

8. Happy couples have sex daily

Most new couples have sex a few times a day. After the excitement wears off and they’re faced with their responsibilities, the frequency decreases until they do it one or two times a week. According to research, most men want more sex than they actually do, and a number of women say the same. However, some women respondents say they want it less frequently. The varying responses may show how individual obligations and pursuits affect their sexual activities.

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