Adrenal Fatigue is Real: Here are 10 Ways to Cope

by Robert Phillips
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Believe it or not, but adrenal fatigue does happen and not all doctors are able to diagnose it. Located above your kidneys, your adrenal glands are two nickel-sized glands, which regulate the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

When you’re exposed to too much stress, naturally, your adrenals will be the most affected. They can get overwhelmed by too much cortisol production until they’re unable to supply your body that much needed hormone.

Chronic stress is the main reason when your adrenals stop functioning the way they should. Unfortunately, most doctors are unable to recognize what we call adrenal fatigue. And you can find yourself hopping from doctor to doctor without seeing an improvement in your symptoms.

It’s because stress can create complications in your physiological makeup, making it hard to determine when your adrenals are in a mess. The following signs and symptoms may help you recognize if you’re down the road to adrenal fatigue.

Signs and Symptoms

  • You feel unusually tired in the morning and getting up is a struggle.
  • depressed tired manFalling asleep doesn’t come easily to you despite the feelings of tiredness.
  • You feel your energies have been used up even if it’s still midafternoon.
  • You feel anxious even when there’s no reason to.
  • You have sudden mood changes.
  • You get depressed even when things are running smoothly.
  • You gain weight despite eating the same amount of food.
  • You have autoimmune problems.
  • You can’t think rightly and you feel your mind is foggy.
  • You have body aches even if you’re not doing anything to cause it.
  • You may experience hair loss or thinning of hair.
  • You have a sense of lightheadedness.

The above symptoms may also be found in other bodily issues, thus, requesting your doctor to have a cortisol test is the surest way to know whether your condition is adrenal fatigue. Just choose the best doctor whom you believe is able to help you out of that slump because adrenal fatigue is said to haven’t been backed up by science yet.

While chronic stress is one primary cause of adrenal fatigue, the following problems can also become triggers:

  • Having a poor diet
  • Depriving yourself of a good sleep
  • Overworking
  • Feeling emotionally stressed
  • Not exercising or exercising too much
  • Exposing yourself to molds

In treating adrenal fatigue, hormonal supplements may be administered to you to correct your cortisol problems. But if you want more natural remedies, the following might help:

Ways to Beat Adrenal Fatigue

1. Get plenty of sleep

It might be hard to get enough sleep when your adrenals aren’t in its best shape yet, but trying to get one is the best place to start. Try going to bed early and don’t set up your alarm. This way, you can wake up naturally and get more sleep when the alarm isn’t bugging you. You also have to remind yourself that the quality of your sleep matters more than the quantity. Even if you sleep for less than eight hours, as long as it is sound and deep, it does good for your body.

2. Get your body into shape

Find an exercise program that suits you best. Gentle workouts work best for others. You may try it and see for yourself if it works for you too. If it doesn’t, you can try other exercises that can help you pump your blood and induce the release of cortisol. However, adrenal problems make your body feel exhausted. A gentle workout might be what you need while getting back on your feet again. Yoga and gentle stretches might be the best options in recharging your body and calming your anxious mind.

3. Feed your body with the right food

Eliminate sugary and artificial foods as much as possible because they could be taxing to your digestive system aside from spiking up your sugar levels. Feed yourself with animal protein and healthy fats. Avocado, nuts, seeds, and omega-3 rich fish are a good source. Sweet potatoes contain good carbs that can help restore your energy levels. Making smoothies from green veggies and fruits works best too.

4. Include meat in your diet

Staying vegan isn’t a good option when you’re bouncing back from adrenal fatigue. Eating protein from animals is necessary for your recovery process.

rejecting coffee beans5. Eliminate caffeine for the time being

Caffeine from coffee and tea can increase the levels of your stress hormones. This means it can add burden to your already worn out adrenal organs.

6. Be aware of the food your body doesn’t approve of

You may have food intolerances that are making matters worse. Identify these foods and eliminate them from your diet while you’re still on your way to recovery. Staying away from foods that your taste buds love is truly frustrating. But you can have a small amount of them when you’ve fully recovered.

7. Never skip meals

Skipping meals and eating only when you’re hungry pushes your body to release stress hormones and compensate your low blood sugar. This strains your nervous system and results in anxiety and dizziness.

8. Consider adaptogens

Adaptogens are plant-based substances that can help your body relieve stress and achieve balance. Ashwagandha is one source of adaptogens, which gives you the powerful effect of calming your nervous system.

9. Meditate

Nothing can make you feel and stay calm than a meditation practice. Meditation is the simplest and cheapest way of reducing your stress levels as well as normalizing your cortisol levels. There are many ways to meditate. You can focus on your breathing or you can follow guided meditation when you’re just starting out. As a beginner, a five-minute meditation works best. You can increase from there as you work your way up.

10. Give time for self-care

Take care of yourself and pamper yourself whenever you feel there’s a need. No one in this world is able to take good care of yourself as much as you can. You’re your own responsibility. Avoid stress by doing only the things that you want to do. If possible, live in an environment that is conducive to your wellbeing. Living a perfect life may not be possible, but when you’re healthy, happy, and less stressed, life can feel perfect.

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