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August 13, 2018

The Different Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of diseases that affect about ten percent of the American population. More than 420 million people have been diagnosed with one form of diabetes across the world. The number keeps rising annually, and most people affected don’t have access to treatment. If left untreated, diabetes can become fatal.

Diabetes is caused by blood sugar levels. When you eat, the body absorbs the nutrients into the bloodstream and create glucose – the main type of sugar made by the human body. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin. Insulin is in charge of breaking down glucose into energy. If the pancreas [...]

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August 6, 2018

Male Birth Control: We Have Questions

Birth control is an important factor in living your healthiest sex life. Depending on the type of birth control, they reduce the risks of STIs and unwanted pregnancies. However, most birth controls have been targeting at women for a while.

Condoms are the only type of birth control that has an option for both women and men. Other birth control methods like the pill, patch, or shot have all been used only on women. These birth controls have a high success rate in preventing pregnancies. They can also clear up the skin, regulate periods, and help with hormonal issues.

The options have [...]

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August 1, 2018

How to Buy that Pretty Girl across the Bar a Drink without Looking Creepy

In today’s day and age, meeting someone on social media or a dating application is completely normal. In fact, it’s probably the #1 most common way to meet your next significant other. Meeting someone while you’re out and about is not typical these days, but it is still possible. And, if you’re that person that wants to meet your next girlfriend ‘organically,’ you’re probably already wondering what the best location is to do so.

Okay, let me stop you in your tracts before you start thinking too hard. The best place to meet someone the natural way is in a bar; Bars are casual, the drinks make conversation flow easier, [...]

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July 30, 2018

10 Tips to Improve Cholesterol

Sometimes being in good health is not always easy to accomplish. Often people try to combine eating right with a daily dose of exercise. However, the foods that look healthy are often lacking in essential nutrients. In fact, the new and improved ways of healthy eating such as diet meals or healthy plans often cut out vitamins and fiber that might help your health. When it comes to boosting your cholesterol, it’s best to try the natural approach before trying alternative methods. Doctors suggest eating heart-healthy foods and quitting your bad habits. But what do heart-healthy foods mean? Is it just a bunch of nutritional nonsense or could these [...]

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