Best Lubes for All Kinds of Sex

by Wyatt Beatrix

Getting the right lube would spice up every sexual activity you care to indulge in, from partnered sex to fun solo sessions with yourself. While masturbating, you need the right lube to make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

There are lots of lubes out there, and it is a bit difficult to choose out one that would be to your preference. There are thousands of lubes on the internet to select from, but it can help to have options to narrow down your search.

For instance, if you have sensitive skin or your partner does, then you may want to narrow your options to lubricants that are made with mostly organic ingredients.

If you are into anal sex a lot, then you should opt for really thick lubricants, so it doesn’t dry out immediately, because unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-lubricating. Or, if you are very conscious about what goes into your body, you can opt for lubes that are natural.

However, if you are not bothered about what type of lube to use, you just need something of high quality, then that’s when your choices become overwhelmingelg. But, don’t bother, we have you covered. We have listed a list of lubes and they definitely would feel great.

Before we list down the best lubes, maybe we should explain the different types of lubes, so you can know what you are getting into. There are silicone-based, water-based, oils, and hybrid.

Water-based lubes are the premium standard lubes for sex, because it can easily be washed off and it isn’t sticky.  The only downside about the water-based lubes is that it dries out fast. That’s why most people go for the silicone-based lubricants, most especially if their partner struggles to get wet, or if anal is the meal of the day.

The downside of silicon-based lubes is that it can last on the skin for long, making it sticky and a bit hard to rinse off. You can even still feel sticky after washing off the lube with water and soap.

Then the hybrid lubes are a bit thicker than the water-based lubes but aren’t as harsh or viscous as the silicone-based lubes.

We also have the oil lubricants, although they are few, but they are available. You can’t exactly use oil lubes with condoms because they degrade the quality of the latex. You can implement your lubricant DIY oil using olive oils, coconut oils, or other oil options. However, oil lubricants are much messier than silicone lubes and thicker.

Alright, that being said let’s advance to the get you ready when next you are picking out a lubricant.

  1. Swiss Navy H2O

Just like the name implies, it’s a full water-based lubricant, and what’s more, it doesn’t need constant reapplication to keep your partner well lubricated for a llubricantong time. With a single spurt, you should be good to go.

  1. Promescent Water Based Lube

This lubricant is 100% paraben-free and it doesn’t leave any stain or residue on your skin or sheets. This lube comes in a thick form, but unlike other thick lube, it doesn’t feel sticky and it’s very easy to wash. As bonus points, the Promescent water-based lube is odorless and colorless.

  1. Pjur Backdoor

This lube is perfect if you are going to be using a lot of sex toys, or if you plan on having anal sex. That’s because it is highly concentrated in silicone, making it perfect for long sex sessions. If your partner is finding it difficult to get aroused, you may want to try out this lube. Plus, it contains jojoba, which is a great element that helps calm the body.

  1. Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube

This hybrid lube can be used for virtually every sexual activity you can think of. Also, it is PH balanced, making it ideal for oral sex as well.

  1. Royal Water Based Lube

This water lube is ideal if you aren’t looking for excessive lubrication, and you just need a little lube. Also, you can be sure it won’t mess up your bed.

  1. Durex Massage and Play 2 in 1

This is also another water-based lubricant, and most people would enjoy this because it can be used on sex toys, for anal/penetrative sex, and you can also use it for massage sex. You can this lubricant, the all in one lube. Also, it comes with a calm and subtle smell of ylang-ylang, and on the brighter side, it doesn’t leave any residue, so no need worrying about ruining your favorite bedspread.

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