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Should You Buy TenGenix? – TenGenix Review – MenLiveHealthy
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Should You Buy TenGenix? – TenGenix Review – MenLiveHealthy

by October 1, 2016
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Get to know the TenGenix ingredients and the TenGenix side effects that you should know about in this TenGenix review


At The Healthier Man, we always advocate for products that would be industry game-changers. That’s why we are on the lookout for upcoming products that are generating quite a buzz online. If you have been closely following the latest in the supplement industry lately, you would have noticed that a bunch of credible supplement review websites have reviewed a newcomer to the industry – TenGenix.

TenGenix is a male enhancement supplement that promises to increase penis size, sexual endurance, and sexual desire. While that’s already a tall order on its own, TenGenix gives a checklist of 10 benefits that users would get while taking TenGenix. Upon reading the promises of TenGenix, we quickly understood why people are talking about it. If you’d consider the promises alone – it’s insane. Even the basics of sexual desire is something that only the ‘good’ male enhancement pills can provide – and this product talks about 10 sexual health benefits in just one formula.

It’s hard not to judge TenGenix prematurely, but this pill has the makings of a scam – and we did just that. We thought that TenGenix was a scam at first, but that was quickly put aside when we had a go at their website. The research and science behind TenGenix was all there for everyone to see – and that’s when we decided that it’s enough to give TenGenix a go. We ordered a bottle of TenGenix for testing, and the rest of our findings are here for everyone to check out.

Is TenGenix a scam?

Many have speculated that TenGenix was a scam, given its outrageous promises and suspiciously cheap pricing, but based on our experience with the product (more about that later on), and their customer service (more on that later, too), we learned that TenGenix is as legit as it gets. Although the product is surprisingly cheap for all it gives its customers, TenGenix gets its profit from the sheer number of sales that it gives. The small profit margin, when bought by a large group of people seems to be worth the trouble. We thought that TenGenix was a scam too, but upon close examination of the product, we can honestly say that everything about TenGenix is legit, real, and trustworthy.

TenGenix benefits

The TenGenix benefits is where all the buzz comes from. According to their website, TenGenix can deliver a whole bunch of benefits that no other male enhancement pill has ever been able to achieve. Truth be told, there aren’t many trustworthy male enhancement pills around, and even the good ones are only good at giving one certain benefit, such as sexual endurance or libido. There are a handful that could be considered as good penis enlargement pills, but we have yet to discover a male enhancement pill that works as a penis enlargement pill, a libido enhancer, a sexual endurance booster, an erectile dysfunction pill, a pheromone catalyst, and a hormone balancer all in just one formula.

Penis Gains Up to 5 Inches
Sex-Drive Increase
Energy Level Increase

When you look at the promises of TenGenix, you’d think that it might all be just a gimmick. But if you look at it from a different perspective, you’d understand why it has generated the buzz that it got. No other male enhancement pill has ever considered the benefits given by TenGenix, and these are the exact benefits that everyone is looking for in a pill. Sure – penis enlargement and libido works great, but before you even get there, sexual attraction has to happen first. Hence, the pheromones. With the way TenGenix is presented, we have no doubt that the people behind TenGenix not only studied the formula of the product, but they also studied about what their customers really want from their male enhancement pill, and that’s how they came up with TenGenix.

Here’s the complete list of the TenGenix 10 based on their website:

  1. Accelerated Penile Expansion (APEX) Technology
  2. Permanent penis enlargement
  3. Improved sexual endurance
  4. Increased penile firmness
  5. Full orgasm control
  6. Decreased refractory period
  7. Decreased mental and sexual fatigue
  8. Improved response to sexual stimulus
  9. Prolonged erectile function
  10. Increased release of natural pheromones

TenGenix ingredients

Before TenGenix can achieve all of its 10 benefits, it has to be backed with the right technology, and TenGenix just has that explained in detail on their website. TenGenix uses a variety of ingredients that are quite common in the supplement industry. While the ingredients on its own is not entirely a breakthrough, the technology and the core concept of TenGenix is what makes it exceptional.

TenGenix is not about stuffing all the ingredients in and just running them through a blender. It’s a calculated combination of ingredients with the right concentration to achieve optimal potency and deliver the best results possible. Each ingredient is perfectly balanced to work in synergy with the formula, and each ingredient is able to reach peak effectiveness without overpowering the effects of the other ingredients.

Here are just some of the ingredients included in TenGenix:


L-Arginine is the go-to supplement when it comes to vasodilation. L-Arginine acts as a precursor to nitric oxide, which triggers the smooth muscles in the arteries to relax, causing the blood vessels to dilate and allow more blood to flow. The effect of L-Arginine in TenGenix reduces the effects of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction such as occlusion and stenosis. L-Arginine triggers a larger volume of blood to flow to the penis in the event of an erection. Over time, the increased pressure and volume of blood makes the penile chambers expand, which makes the penis permanently bigger.

Tengenix Pricing

Maca Root

Maca Root is more than just your average testosterone booster. In fact, it’s more of a hormone balancer than a hormone booster. It inhibits certain neurotransmitters in the brain to keep the effects of testosterone running, and with this, it gives the user complete control over their ejaculations. Maca root gives men the ability that only women were able to achieve prior to TenGenix-  the ability to have continuous ejaculations.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is the world’s premier testosterone booster. Tongkat Ali is one of the few natural PDE-5 inhibitors, which makes it a suitable replacement for popular erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. Tongkat ali is also one of the best aphrodisiacs that you can get your hands on. To cap it all off, tongkat ali is a free calcium inhibitor, which basically prevents the penis from going flaccid while having sex, enabling the user to last longer in bed. Tongkat ali is what binds the formula together. It works in perfect synergy with the other ingredients in the formula to achieve better sexual performance, size, and endurance.

Muira puama

Muira puama is more of a support ingredient in the formula. It is the key ingredient in the APEX technology that is used by TenGenix. Since muira puama is easily absorbed by the system, it kicks in before the other ingredients do, which only makes the formula more effective. Muira puama is a natural pde-5 inhibitor, which makes it mimic the effects of erectile dysfunction drugs, a great feature especially if you decided to take the pill just minutes before you have sex.

Tribulus terrestris

If you have taken testosterone supplements before for bodybuilding, then you might have encountered tribulus terrestris before. Tribulus terrestris is a common testosterone-boosting agent in many testosterone supplements intended for bodybuilding, and in TenGenix, it just does that. The testosterone boost caused by tribulus terrestris increases the libido of the user, and it also supports the secondary effects of testosterone such as increased pheromones and better sexual endurance.

Is TenGenix Effective?

We took TenGenix as intended for about 20 days, and we were sure that it had a positive effect on our bodies. Mine, for instance, felt confident and ready – it felt like I was able to have sex anytime anywhere – and that’s a wonderful feeling. At 35, I do not really have any problem with getting an erection, but with TenGenix, I noticed that I get an erection for almost anything remotely erotic. After two weeks of use, I gained about ¾ inch to the length of my penis, and roughly ½ inch added to the thickness. Other colleagues who have decided to test the product also yielded similar results.

TenGenix side effects

Based on our experience, we did not experience any side effects. I even went over the recommended dosage when I took another dose (2 pills) before sex, and I only felt more confident when doing it. However, if you suspect that the pill may interfere with any medication that you might be taking, consult a physician first.


We haven’t seen a pill that does everything that you need. TenGenix is one of the products that really understood what their customers want, and that’s what makes it exceptional. I’m calling it now – in a few months, TenGenix will become viral, and everyone will be talking about it.

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