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Can You End Hair Loss and Start to Regrow Your Hair?

Can You End Hair Loss and Start to Regrow Your Hair?

by menlivehealthySeptember 24, 2016

You may be asking yourself if you can increase and stimulate hair growth and many products says that they have the solution for this. Doing an online search gives you many choices of oils, vitamins, tablets, pills and shampoos to regrow hair.

For guys, usually there are three general options which include natural supplements, drugs and surgery. Surgery isn’t a treatment because it won’t find the cause of your hair loss. It just moves hair follicles around and it painful and costly. Many men say surgery isn’t an option which is why most guys get prescription or natural choices for treating hair loss.

What are the Prescription Hair Loss Drugs Available?

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There are many prescription hair loss drugs for receding hairlines and many of those have shown beneficial results, mostly Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Minoxidil is used topically and is used in Rogaine, which is very popular. Although this is available now without getting a prescription, it can cause itching, irritation, dryness in the scalp, potentially major heart problems and allergic reactions.

Finasteride is used orally and stops the 5a-reductase production which is an enzyme that turns testosterone to DHT. The drugs that have finasteride, like Propecia, can only be taken with a prescription. However, there are still many side effects such as depression, higher risk of prostate cancer, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, rashes, swelling, hard time breathing sand more (source from

These are the prescription hair loss drugs available.

What are the Natural Hair Growth Supplements?

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There isn’t a perfect option for hair loss but some products that you can get over-the-counter have shown great results some of which have 100% natural ingredients like specific nutrients, saw palmetto and even targeted amino acids.

Many men use products such as Provillus and Profollica and they have reported great results such as ending hair loss and some say those have reversed hair loss. These don’t have chemicals or drugs in them so side effects are minimal to none.

Many men don’t care if they go bald but if you don’t want to have any more hair loss, getting the right product is what you need to do. It is possible to regrow hair or at least keep it looking fuller, thicker and healthier than it was.

If you want to use an over-the-counter product for re-growing hair but you don’t know where to begin then make sure to read this review for effective hair re-growing treatments some men have found:

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