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How Can You Make Your Daily Work Out More Productive Than Ever Before?

How Can You Make Your Daily Work Out More Productive Than Ever Before?

by menlivehealthyFebruary 23, 2017

If you have a work out plan in place, you may be looking for some ways that you can make your daily work out more productive than ever before. You may be wanting these tips because you haven’t made as much progress as you would have liked lately. Maybe your body has become used to the exercises you have been doing. Whatever your reason may be, these tips are going to help you have more productive daily work out sessions.

No Long Hours in the Gym

Many men spend hours and hours in the gym trying to get fit. You don’t need to do this. You can split up your work outs into different sessions. Instead of going to the gym for a longer time, you can split things up. For example, instead of staying in the gym to run on the treadmill for one hour, you can split that up into two different sessions. You can do one running session at the gym and one at home as well.

Work Out When Watching Television

preview-full-img-549bc1ed24f44-posts-10151Another excellent tip for you to use to make your daily work out more productive is to work out when watching television. Many men spend hours watching television every day. When doing so, they sit there and do nothing. They may even eat while watching television. You can even make watching television a part of your fitness plan. If you work out while watching television, you get in your television time and your work out at the same time. It is a double win for you.

Build a Strong Core

For just about any type of exercise you do, you should build a strong core. You can find many core engaging exercises but you should start with sit-ups. These are going to be one of the most effective core strengthening exercises you can do. If you do them daily, your core will become stronger, faster. If you work out with sit-ups for a while and then add in more ab exercises, you will find that you get better results with those other exercises.

Work Out Your Forearms in a Unique Way

There is one tip that you may not have heard of before. You can try to work out your forearms in a unique way. You start by putting one paper on the table. Then you grasp that paper and start crumpling it with the dominant hand. You will do this for about half a minute. This will work out your forearm. You should be doing this twice each day with your dominant hand and once each day with your non-dominant hand.

Aiming for Weight Loss

If you have a weight loss goal as part of your fitness plan, there are number of exercises that will help you lose weight. You can do any number of these exercises and add them into your fitness plan. Running, doing planks and lifting weights can help you with this. Additionally, if you take LipoGenix Elite supplements, you can lose weight quicker so you can meet your weight loss and fitness goals.

Do Donkey Raises

If you have never heard of donkey raises before, you can do a search online to see how to properly complete them. You will be doing these to improve your calf muscles. You will have someone sit onto your back and you will bend ahead. You will then raise up your calves slowly and then lower them slowly too.

Count Backwards


Many men will count up until they reach their target rep count. If you want to be more productive in your daily work out sessions, it could help you to count backwards instead of forward. This will make it feel as if your work outs are not taking as long and it will keep you motivated to reach your target goals as well.

There are many challenges that are involved when trying to get fit. However, when you use these tips in your daily work out sessions, you will have more productive work outs. You will notice greater results as well. If you follow these tips for even a few weeks, at the end of that time you will see bigger muscles and a stronger body as well.

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