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June 20, 2018

Orthorexia: What is it & why is it Unhealthy?

We all know that many health care professionals, nutritionist’s specifically, warn us about eating unhealthy foods. As a matter of fact, they all encourage us to eat only whole foods, and they warn us about the foods that are processed or preserved, including what they can do to our bodies. They encourage and they warn, and we tend to obey.

However, what happens if we obey to the point where it becomes an addiction? In other words, what happens if we allow this idea of eating healthy all the time to become our only way of life, in turn controlling everything we put into our mouths?

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June 12, 2018


Your bride has been planning this day for months that you know of and years that you don’t know of. You’ve chosen the best groomsmen from your friends, and you want to show your appreciation with a small gift your bros might like, but what should you get them? Not more tchotchkes your best friends can’t use. A better gift could be well-reviewed whiskeys or cufflinks that have an image of your groomsmen’s favorite team. Here are six gifts you can give your bros after they’ve attended your wedding.


Created by Elijah Craig Barrel, The Whisky Advocate is named the best whiskey of 2017. [...]

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May 16, 2018

Is it Essential for Men & Women to Have Guys and Girls Nights?

Many couples are attached at the hip. They do everything together, and I mean everything.

From going to the bank to cashing checks together. From going to the market to getting groceries together. From driving to the mall together to purchase underwear to driving to the local coffee shop to pick up a morning caffeinated beverage.

Many couples are attached to other couples and are unable to hang out with other people. They also do everything together, and I mean everything. From going out to dinner together to getting drinks at a bar together. From shopping for furniture together to attending parties together.

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May 15, 2018

Stretch Marks in Men Over 25

Stretch marks are long, slim lines that occur when the skin is stretched quickly due to things such as pregnancy, puberty, and rapid weight gain or loss.

        Weight gain can be discouraging because of the sudden change in appearance and physical limits. This can sometimes lead a person to go into a depression. Depression is the mental state of feeling mentally overwhelmed, fatigue, sadness, and binging on things like food or other substances are signs of depression.

        Men over 25 struggle with stretch marks as they gain weight. Their metabolism begins to slow and they still continue to party, play [...]

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