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June 18, 2018

Increase Your Sperm Count

Male infertility is a common problem, more common than you think. Almost one-third of couples have issues bearing children due to male infertility. Public health experts believe that male infertility is only getting worse. In the last 40 years, male infertility has increased. Sperm count has dropped an estimated 50 percent. It is believed that obesity and a lazy lifestyle contribute to this continuing problem. Although the reasons behind low sperm counts is hard to determine, these two reasons are the most probable. Here are a few things that can combat low sperm counts.

There are many things that make your sperm [...]

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June 15, 2018

The Best Sex Positions

Sometimes, your regular bedroom routine can get a little boring. This is because most couples are not very adventurous, at least not in the bedroom. If you are looking to spice things up, here are a few new sex positions to try tonight.

The Cat

This is a closer version of your standard missionary position. Your body will be further up and to one side. Your chest will be closer to her shoulders than to her chest. This sex position provides strong clitoral stimulation. More women are able to orgasm with this sex position, and you will too.


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June 6, 2018


In life, there’s an etiquette for everything. From dinner to tea to interviewing for a position at a company. Someone makes the rules and everyone else has to follow them. With ejaculation etiquette, this is a good thing but can feel a bit stifling, sometimes. While women can orgasm in many different places with little sign, you erupt in a white gush of bodily fluid that’s easy to see. An etiquette plan is needed. Where, when, how to clean it up, dispose of it, and, of course, when not to. There are a lot of rules that go with letting your little swimmers swim, but what are they and do you know all of them?

Here are [...]

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June 2, 2018

MaleGenix Review – All About MaleGenix Male Enhancement

Have you bought MaleGenix yet? MaleGenix is the newest, and hottest male enhancement supplement in town, and we’re delighted to bring you firsthand information about the new product. MaleGenix grew fast over the last couple of months, thanks to prominent names in the adult industry mentioning MaleGenix as their go-to male enhancement supplement.

MaleGenix is no stranger to adult entertainment. The men behind MaleGenix male enhancement pills are closely tied with some producers in the adult industry, and they had several actors try out the product before releasing it to the public. Suffice to say, the results were amazing, which led to the public knowing about MaleGenix [...]

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