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September 19, 2018

6 Urologic Emergencies You Need To Watch Out For

Urologic emergencies are medical conditions that need to be diagnosed and managed right away in order to prevent severe complications. Many urologic emergencies can lead to infertility or loss of sexual functions if not treated immediately.

For instance, testicular torsion, if treated more than twelve hours after the emergency occurred, can cause your testicular cells to die. Your urologist would then need to remove the affected testicle to prevent further complications.

Here are 6 urological emergencies you need to be careful of.


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September 14, 2018

Sexual Dysfunction After Bladder Cancer Treatment

In the United States, tens of thousands of new cases of bladder cancer are diagnosed each year. In fact, it’s one of the most prevalent types of cancer affecting the genitourinary tract. Bladder cancer actually has a high survival rate, especially when it’s diagnosed and treated during the early stages.

Unfortunately, treatment options for bladder cancer often result in sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Female survivors of bladder cancer often report vaginal dryness and difficulties achieving orgasm. Men have to contend with erectile dysfunction, and sometimes, impaired fertility.

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September 6, 2018

The Most Common Reasons Men Stay Single

I understand that the title of this article is a bit harsh; I mean, why would a man want to read about the most common reasons they can’t keep a relationship? They don’t.

Stop right there and listen to me for a second. You need to know the most common reasons so that you can change your ways. Some of the reasons can be easily tweaked to change your life from single to taken. Some of the other reasons are not-so-easy to change but are still doable.

Okay, what I’m trying to tell you in introducing this topic is that there are ways to avoid staying single, you just have to put in the [...]

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September 4, 2018

9 Powerful Antioxidants That Prevent Infertility

If you want to continue being fertile, you need antioxidants. Scientists continue to discover new ways by which reactive oxygen species and free radicals cause oxidative stress that impair male fertility. And the only way to combat oxidative stress is through antioxidants.

You’ve probably already read somewhere that vitamins C and E are good for your fertility. That’s because these two vitamins help protect your reproductive system from the ravages of oxidative stress. But they’re not the only antioxidants that can help you maintain your fertility.

Here are 9 strong [...]

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