What Changes Do You Need to Make in Your 50’s and How Should You Make Them?

When you hit your 50’s, you may think that you can’t be any healthier than what you already are. Most men think what is done is done and there is no turning things around. That doesn’t have to be you. There are some changes you need to make in your 50’s. Today you are going to learn what these changes are and how you can make them as well. If you are ready to make the most of your health, even in your 50’s, now is the time.

Joint Issues

preview-full-spinal-chordWhen many men hit their 50’s, it is like a timer went off and they suddenly have a ton of joint issues. Most men find that this starts in their knees. The main reason that men in their 50’s have issues with their joints is because of overusing them when they aren’t strong enough or from osteoarthritis. If you want to make this better for you, start by riding a bike or introducing a quality hemp oil into your diet. Research has been done that shows that those who ride a bike for even 20 to 30 minutes each day, three times every week, will have a lot less pain in and around their joints. Research also shows that hemp oil is a powerful joint pain reliever, as well as pain reliever in general.

Bone Loss

As you hit your 50’s, you may also start to notice symptoms of bone loss. As you age, the minerals in your bones start depleting. This is natural but it doesn’t mean you just have to lie down and take it. You need to put just enough, but not too much, stress on your bones. You can do this walking and running. Strength training is a great way to build up your bones too. You should also be sure you get around 1,200 mg. calcium every day.

Back Aches

preview-full-princ_rm_photo_of_stages_of_osteoporosisAh…those back aches you have been dreading since your 20’s. As you get older, you may not be moving around as much. When you are more inactive, your pelvic and spine muscles, You need to make your back cooperate now that you are getting older. What can you do with this issue? You need to get a foam roller and roll around on it. This is going to help loosen up your muscles. You can look up many foam roller exercises online.

Pick Up Pilates

Now that you are in your 50’s or getting close to it, it may be time for you to pick up Pilates. This is a type of exercise that will help you strengthen the muscles in your stomach which will then help with relieving pain in your back. There are many balancing exercises in Pilates that allow you to strengthen and stabilize your core.

Here you have found some changes that you may need to make now that you are in your 50’s. These changes are going to help you improve and keep up with your health, even as you age. You don’t have to make all these changes at once but you should ease them in as you can.

Change #4 – Water Shortage

Between ages 57 and 86, your body literally dries up. It will likely consist of just 54 percent water, as opposed to the 61 percent found in younger men. You’ll also sweat less because your sweat glands disappear. You may have less body odor, but overheating and heatstroke become an issue.

The Fix

Be a camel. “Drinking fluids is more important as you grow older,” says Chodzko-Zajko. “One of the problems with aging is that thirst decreases with age, so people tend to drink less.”

Change #5 – Mass Defections

You’ve been trying to lose flab for 2 decades, but now your body is doing it on its own. Unfortunately, between 50 and 80 you may also lose 35 percent of your muscle mass.

The Fix

Play with heavy metal. Don’t shy away from heavy weights because you think you’re susceptible to injury. As long as you use proper form, which you should master now if you haven’t already, heavy weights will keep your bones strong and your muscles large. Seabourne kept the weights up in your workout (below) but slowed the tempo and concentrated on lifts that develop balance. This way, you won’t be knocked off-kilter when the bank hands over your 401(k) payout.

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