Check Out The Best Google Apps For 2018

Here goes the list of the best Android applications for 2018 which you can still download before the year ends.

When you search for the best apps using Google and then visit the Google Play website, you will notice that there are three categories for the best apps of 2018. These three categories include the Most Entertaining, Best Hidden Gems, and Best Self-Improvement.

You can check the best apps for the “Most Entertaining” and see if you already have these ones. These apps are meant to use your time wisely aside from the entertainment that these apps bring to most of the time that you are in your idle mood.


is an interesting app that was designed by Hungarian app developers for photography and animation purposes. It makes your photos moving which is what cinemagraph is all about. It makes your photos eye-catching when you add special effects which you can select from the ever-growing built-in effects. You can also adjust to your intended size by enlarging or shrinking and even change colors or opacity based on your desired ending. Afterwards, you can share it on your social media accounts and be proud of the output that you have done.


and yes, that’s with a dot on its name which was carefully chosen by their developers who are located in Hong Kong. This Google app is a family-friendly drawing app which are very useful and interesting for both children and adults. Colors have different effects on people of all ages. It can bring calmness or excitement and even increase your appetite for food such as the color red. My son’s favorite color is orange which have a tendency to increase the supply of oxygen in our brain thereby causing a stimulating effect and increase his energy level. Other colors can bring comfort and warmth so you better get going and color your way around by using the colorful app.


originated from a Finland app developer company and was developed to choose the best videos for your satisfaction. They carefully selected videos every day so that you can still watch something while doing other household chores, running on a treadmill, doing some intense workouts, and even when you are having your nails cut or just having a haircut. All you need to do is sit back and relax and enjoy watching the best videos online.

Tik Tok

is an app developed in America and it is the former social media mobile app. It was developed for users to create videos and then share it in your social media network. You can capture memorable moments and create short mobile videos which you can happily share among family and friends and at the same time put special effects, stickers, filters, musics, and other settings so that they will be amazed on how you created one. It really depends on your taste and just share your videos based on the different categories that are available on this app.

Scout FM

was developed especially for those who loves to spend their time listening to endless podcasts. Podcast came from the words “iPod” which is an Apple-designed digital audio player and “broadcasting” which means distributing audio or video contents using electronic mass communications system such as radio waves. Podcasting is a free service that enables Internet users to listen to personal or social episodes based on various topics. Download this Google app and you will be able to choose from different channels that also includes many interesting topics.

We now proceed to the “Best Hidden Gems” category and check what’s hiding under the hood. These are hidden gems which will become on top of the list, eventually, if more users will become interested on them.

Slowly, first.

Yes, Slowly is the name of the first app on this category. It is based on a “pen pal” type of social communication which is an old school term during those days when letters, particularly, envelope of letters were predominant in searching for new acquaintances and then forming new friendship along the way. This app can make you write a letter and send it to your pen friends completely matched with a stamp. You can send your digital letters anywhere in the world. Go ahead and bring back the memories of having a pen pal.

Let us proceed to Unfold and create stories.

Unfold is the name of the second app which was developed as a toolkit for storytellers. It has many templates and fonts that can be used to create a story as well as support for photos and videos if you have a desire to enhance your story. Create stories and be proud to share it to anyone.

Just a Line

is another augmented reality Google app which was created to make drawings on yourself or your friend in your phone. Augmented reality is the name of the game these days. This technology was created to superimpose a computer-related image or mobile-related image on a real world view which then creates a composite view. If you know “Pokemon Go” mobile game, then this is an app that you can try.


is a Google app that helps you record your lucid dreams. This kind of dreaming is the moment that you are aware you are in your own dream. You are aware and you can have limitless control on what goes on in your dreams. With this app, you will be able to track your lucid dreams, picked significant dream signs, record snoring and talking while you are lucidly dreaming, sketch your dreams and use other settings that can guide you in your lucid dream journey.

Another hidden gem is theLearn Spanish with Lirica: Music Language Learningapp.

This is a very interesting Google app for those who want to learn another language. The Spanish language is the world’s second most spoken language with Mandarin Chinese being the first. This is a unique learning tool since it uses songs for the learner to use. Listening to music will be more engaging and will have a tendency to be remembered more often than just plain talking. For your hobby or for personal growth, download this app and learn a new language now.

The remaining best Google apps belong to the “Best Self-Improvement Apps” category which is meant for the development of your personal goals whether on a fitness level or other personal learning experience.


will be very useful for new coders out there. This app will teach you to master programming languages such as CSS, HTML, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Swift and other programs that will help you improve your coding skills. You can avail a personalized curriculum with fun projects and interactive exercises that will also motivate you to learn more. You only need a few minutes or a few hours every day and gain more insights with your programming skills.


is another useful Google app if you want to learn new languages. You can learn as many as thirty-one languages if you have all the time to do it. This app use a more visual approach in order for the learner to easily remember and grasp new foreign words. You only need five minutes daily and day by day, you will become addicted to learning more foreign words.

10% Happier

is a fitness Google app created by combining the various meditation systems of the world’s most respected meditation experts. It will guide you in doing meditation activities including quick meditations that will assist you in managing your busy life. Meditation helps you in coping with the daily aspects of your life including stress, relationships, work, study, eating, and even sleeping habits.

Keep Trainer

can assists you in your fitness workout schedules. This is good for those who do not have any equipment at home. You can access more than four hundred exercises and track your performance level. You can do cardiovascular exercises, abdominal exercises, slimming exercises, strength training exercises, and other full body workouts. You can also personalize your workout plans so that you can have a more personal intensity workout that you can keep.


is another masterful mobile app that can help you learn different lesson for your everyday life. You can learn how to cook delicious recipes and then let others taste what you cook. You can learn acting skills base from celebrated personalities. If you love to sing, you can also do it using this app by learning the proper way of singing different melodies and tunes. Coupled with your singing performance, you can also learn how to dance adequately. Writing is another skill that you can learn from several world-renowned authors and be inspired from their works. Sports and games are also included in this mobile app including learning different strategies and tactics for group sports, team games, and individual games such as chess. Other skills you can master using MasterClass include fashion, photography, design, and journalism. These are all wonderful modular skills that can add value to your existing talents or even enhance your innate abilities.

Robert Phillips
Robert Philips has been a nutrition and fitness expert for over 20 years, and has written for a number of popular publications. In addition to having a Master's Degree in nutritional science, he is also an active trainer at nationally renowned gyms and fitness centers.