Commonly Overlooked Heart Attack Symptoms in Men

Hollywood tends to glamorize the symptoms of a heart attack; often showing a man who suddenly clutches at his chest, moans and then drops to the ground. But it’s not so clear-cut in real life. Some do experience those chest pains while others don’t. This is why heart attacks are also known as silent killers. While chest pain is the commonly reported symptom, some people just experience a slight pressure or discomfort. And diabetics don’t even feel pain when suffering from a heart attack.

This is crucial because when it comes to heart attacks, early and fast treatment can determine whether one lives or dies. While most people know that chest pain could be an indication of a heart attack, there are symptoms in men that are often ignored. Here are the most common ones –

Strange or Annoying Feeling in the Chest

As mentioned previously, the most common and known symptom of a heart attack is a painful sensation in the chest area. Almost every man who experienced a heart attack felt some kind of chest pain. However, no two heart attacks are the same. The kind of chest pain a man experiences varies from a stabbing pain that emanates from the chest to a feeling of being squeezed tightly. Others just feel a heavy pressure on the chest to feeling like they had too much to eat. This strange feeling can last for minutes or hours and can even come and go.

Acute Abdominal Pain

A stinging pain in the abdomen could be a warning sign that a heart attack is imminent. This pain can be sharp and stabbing or could feel like a dull ache, similar to hunger pangs. As a result, a lot of men just dismiss this feeling, thinking that it’s just indigestion when in reality it’s already a heart attack.

Pain or soreness in the stomach, neck or jaw

Medical professionals say you should be concerned if you’re feeling a soreness that’s not related to any physical injuries. This might be a case of “referred pain” which radiates from the jaw to the arm for no reason. It’s especially alarming if one is also experiencing low energy.


Studies have shown that migraines can be a warning sign of a heart attack, especially if it’s accompanied with neurological symptoms like tingling in the hands or face, flashes of light or blind spots.

General Malaise

A general feeling of malaise or bodily discomfort is one of the most overlooked symptoms of heart attack in men. A lot of men have exhibited lethargy or have described feeling sick, lightheaded, nauseous or feeling as if they are coming down with the flu. They also experienced shortness of breath, sudden toothaches or stiffness in the jaw or neck.

While headaches, fatigue and feeling so stressed out are things that some men feel regularly, especially with how busy and fast moving lives are now, one can always tell if there’s something not right in their bodies. Don’t ignore those symptoms and don’t be embarrassed about going to the doctor. You might think what you’re feeling is negligible, but it can save your life.

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