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Controlled Labs Blue Up: How trustworthy is it?

Controlled Labs Blue Up: How trustworthy is it?

by menlivehealthyJune 30, 2016

It may be an idea for you to hunt out the right male enhancement supplements before you start to feel like it is too late. Erectile dysfunction for example, can ruin lives – not just of the man but of the partner he is with!

The fact is that we all get old and as we do, testosterone levels decrease more and more. With this natural occurrence to men it is noticeable that a lot of things change with regards to our moods, health and motivation. Our physique can also begin to shrink.

With our expert knowledge we are able to provide you fair advice about products, their ingredients and their uses. From this information, you should be able to make a conscious decision in purchasing the right supplement for you.

The Product

The male hormone testosterone is needed to have a booster in order to improve a number of aspects of human health.

Promised advantages of Blue Up are that the supplement is supposed to affect making your workout recovery period faster and also strength, energy and endurance during exercise.

It also claims that you will feel a substantial improvement to your libido and sexual performance.

Also, if you want to build muscle, you need a product that will boost testosterone levels.



Each daily dose consists of: Avena Sativa, Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, Yohimbe Bark Extract and Caffeine.

The natural herbs within these servings are potent – Avena Sativa affects the sex drive better than any other component in this mix; whereas, Tribulus Terrestris, is the ingredient that will increase male fertility and help correct erectile dysfunction.

If you are Ok with consuming caffeine then this product should not cause you any problems. However some people are sensitive to stimulants and prefer to find themselves an alternative that does not contain caffeine.


For a sixty count bottle you will on pay $20.42. This will last you around two months based on consuming the low dose of two capsules per day. However, this supplement is only available to purchase online.


Boost testosterone levels

Basically there are two options: the supplements that contain stimulants and the ones that don’t. If you prefer to seek out a stimulant-free product that works just as well (if not better) then you should try for Xtreme Testosterone.

At $19.95 per bottle, not only is the leading brand being generous with the price but they are also offering you a top quality product carefully designed to increase testosterone using 100% safe and natural herbs.

The two Ingredients that catch the eye are: Tongkat Ali and horny Goat Weed – both of these have been used to improve fertility in men and their flocks for years upon years!

Fancy finding out if your penis can get any bigger? Then Biomanix is the ultimate male enhancement supplement available at $59.95 with an advanced formula that will do just that! Make your relationship feel young again – satisfy your wife like never before! Change your lives, forever . . .

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