Couples Have More Sex in the Summer – How to Boost Your Sex Life All Year Round

by Robert Phillips
passionate couple kissing on the beach, woman on top

What’s the number one thing that you can do to make sure that you have more sex this summer? Well, according to the data that’s out there, the answer is pretty easy: take a vacation.

People have more sex in the summer.

This might seem slightly off-kilter because there is a prevailing theory that people have more sex in the winter when they’re stuck inside because of the cold. It’s one of the reasons that the common cold spreads so much easier in the winter. People are stuck inside in close quarters with one another. No one wants to be out in the bitter cold. So, everyone is inside on top of one another.

Therefore, the thought is that, since you’re stuck inside more often, to sweep away any potential feelings of cabin fever, people will have more sex with their significant others. But there is definitely one time during the year, where you’ll have more free time for sex, a time when you’re more likely to be stress and care free — when you’re on vacation.

And when do people go on vacation more often? The summer. Schools are out. Business is slower. July and August are just our traditional vacation times, and that’s the way it’s been for some time.

couple in hotel room getting undressed, clothes and wine on floorAnd guess what? Statistically, two-thirds of people report that they have sex while on vacation. Nearly that many note that they ALWAYS have sex while on vacation. You’re away from the daily stresses of life, basking in the warm sun, and your partner is putting on some sexy bathing suits, you’re rubbing lotion on each other. It’s basically inevitable that you’re going to be happier and hornier than you are when you’re in the regular daily grind of wake-up, go to work, come home, deal with bills and home stuff, go to bed, lather, rinse, repeat.

Stress is a libido killer.

It’s the main libido killer in your life actually. It only serves as a distraction, and finding a way to deal with it, compartmentalize it, or relieve it is a great way to boost the amount of sex in your life in general. Want to find a way to give a great boost to your — and your partner’s — sex drive? Find a healthy way to deal with the daily stresses of life. I’m not saying to ignore them because that can just compound the issues that are creating anxiety and stress in your life. But going away on a vacation is a great way to put all of that into the rear view mirror for a little while.

The reasoning behind this data comes from a confluence of a couple of these factors. So how do you have more sex in the summer? You go on vacation because more people have sex while they’re on vacation. It’s like having a quick, little life hack for your sex life. And a nice side effect is that most people report that vacation sex tends to be hotter — and more adventurous. Most couples report trying sex outdoors while on vacation. Exotic locales like a field or a beach are particularly popular.

Alright, but you want to have more sex now and when you’re reading this, it’s only the middle of April, or you’re in the dead of winter. Vacations don’t have to just be for the summer. You can get away at any time and still get the benefits of shedding that stress and getting more sex more often.

But what if you can’t get away? What if those stresses of daily life are keeping you home or what if a vacation with your partner just isn’t financially feasible at this time?

Here are some easy ways you can bring that vacation sex feeling home, boost your sex drive, and increase the sex in your life even if it’s not the summer, you’re not on vacation, and you just want to get it on.

Try having sex in a different room of your house.

romantic couple kissing in pool with candle lightIt may not seem as exotic as the beach or the woods, but its almost definitely more hygienic. A great way to boost your and your partner’s libidos is to inject some variety into what might be a routine sex life. There’s a sense of adventure in mixing it up and trying something new. There’s something fun and exciting about changing things up.

You can steal another idea from vacation sex to infuse your lovemaking with that getaway feeling. Give your partner a massage.

You know how earlier I noted that putting lotion on her before going out to the beach or to the pool gets things going? Well, this is true even without the skimpy bathing suit or summer sun. It doesn’t need to be sunscreen. Grab some massage lotion or oil, and get down to business. Run your hands over her skin and body. It doesn’t have to end in sex every time, but a natural side effect of massaging your partner and having that in-depth, skin on skin contact with her is that it’ll get the two of you pretty horny. You can boost that sex drive even further by including some aromatics that can induce some increased libido. There are companies out there that specialize in aphrodisiac massage oils and lotions. Best of all, you can take turns. Switch it up. Make sure you’re getting your time both as the masseur and the masseuee.

Another vacation time libido booster that I mentioned earlier was the skin-baring bathing suit.

Bring that idea home to the bedroom. Shed your inhibitions, shed your clothes, and show off some skin. Get her to do it too on your night in. It’ll boost that sex drive for you and for her, get you in that vacation mindset, and really help get everyone in the mood.

So, people have more sex in the summer because they go on vacation. Use that knowledge to your advantage. Do things to get in that vacation mindset to boost your sex life all year round.

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