Damiana Leaf Extract Review: Are the claims true?

Damiana Leaf Extract Review: Are the claims true?
Sexual Health

Damiana Leaf Extract Outline

Damiana Leaf extract is a common ingredient in supplements nowadays. It is touted as offering compounds which support many areas of health. It is said to facilitate the health of the reproductive system; reduce erectile dysfunction; and enhance testosterone production. Damiana is believed to function as a nerve tonic; assist digestion; and elevate mood. It can be located alone or in a number of supplements for health. This plant is sold all over the web and in physical shops across the world.This is an analysis to address these assertions and determine, if they have any foundation in fact. The scientific studies are listed below to bring light to the shadows surrounding this botanical.

Damiana Leaf Extract Indigeneity and Identities

Damiana Leaf Extract Identities

Damiana leaf extract is derived from a shrub which is native to the Central and South America;Caribbean; southwest regions of the United States; and Mexico. A long time ago, it was prepared by the Mayan peoples stimulate sexual desire and remedy the loss of balance. Damiana was presented into the U.S. market sometime in the 1870s. It was then sold to enhance the health of the urinary tract and nurture the reproductive system.

Damiana was recorded into the pages of the National Formulary in 1888, but was never entered into the U.S. Pharmacopeia. A few of the names this plant has picked up along the way include Turnera microphyllia; Aphrodisiaca; Feuille de Damiana; Feuille de Damiane; Herba de la Pastora; Mizibcoc; Old Woman’s Broom; Oreganillo; Rosemary; Thé Bourrique; Turnera diffusa; Turnerae Diffusae Folium; and Turnerae diffusae herba.

Damiana Leaf Extract Roles

Sexual stimulantDamiana leaf extract has been established as an effective treatment for sexual dysfunction. It was also revealed to boost the ability to achieve an orgasm in both sexes and diminish the time between intercourse sessions.

Damiana is in a medical volume called The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia as remedy for depression and anxieties related to impudence. The same book also says it has an ability to streamline digestion. Scientists have discovered that it may be able to decrease cases of nausea and specific kinds of constipation.

This knowledge inspired a several global trials in which Damiana leaf demonstrated an ability to lessen most types of anxiety and nausea. Afascinating fact is that this botanical is often mixed into herbal smoking blends. It produces actions comparable to cannabinoids, but it is not illegal and the results are not as potent. Breathing any type of smoke is potentially carcinogenic;however,research relating its consumption to cannabinol continue.

Damiana Leaf Extract Advantages and Disadvantages

Damiana Leaf Extract Advantages

This herbal compound is pretty simple to find.

There is clinical research available for this herb and trials are ongoing.

This product may be purchased at an affordable cost.

Damiana Leaf Extract Disadvantages

Further trials are required for its effects.

Those pregnant and nursing should not consume this herb without medical advice.

Damiana Leaf Extract Order Tips

The manufacturer’s reputation should be looked into.

All purchases should include a return policy.

Damiana Leaf Extract End Vote

Damiana is proven to be an effective answer for many health disorders.