Different Dates for Different Women

by Robert Phillips

Every woman is different when it comes to dating. Some women like to go outdoors for a nature hike, some women like to stay indoors for a nice home cooked meal, and still some women like to be adventurous and go random places and do random things on a date. Depending on your lady, and depending on her personality, will depend on where you take her and what you do with her.

The worst part about dating different types of women is that you never really know what to do on dates. And even if you do know what to do, you tend to run out of ideas once in a while, or have a sort of ‘dater’s block’ (similar to writer’s block).

That’s okay, though. Some dates are hard to put together and some are even harder to simply think of. I’m here to give you a few suggestions (and different suggestions, at that), to keep you ‘coming up’ with new date ideas for you and your lady. Check them out in this Question and Answer guide.

Q: What can I do that would be unique for a first date?

A: Do some research in the area, or outside of your immediate area, regarding taco tours. A taco tour first date will give you two the opportunity to get to know one another over a simple plate of food. You don’t have to go all out for the first date, as she’ll probably think you’re a show off.

Instead, plan a taco tour. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to research taco tours, cause chances are, it’s not a real thing. Just research some Mexican restaurants, narrow down the Top 3, and see if she agrees it’s a good idea. Throw in some margaritas or Corona’s and you have yourself a mini Mexican adventure.

Tip: It’s won’t be too pricey. The food alone will probably tally up to $50 between the two of you. The rest of the bill will depend on how much you both want to drink.

Q: Where do I take her on a date if she’s a know-it-all?

A: It’s quite interesting to date a know-it-all, to say the least. But if you want to have a good time with a lady like this, take her out for a trivia night. You’ll have the chance to test her know-it-all mind, and potentially beat her. Plus, cheap drinks and competition gets the night off to a fun start.

Tip: Make it fun by granting the winner of trivia a prize (out of the two of you). For example, if she wins she has to take you out on your next date, but if you win, you have to watch a sappy romantic comedy with her.

Q: What do I do if she’s more adventurous than me?

couple on a rock climbing date man happierA: Meet somewhere in the middle. Go rock-climbing with her, it’s not too scary considering you’ll be strapped to a cord, and you’ll have the correct safety equipment on. Plus, she probably hasn’t done this in a while, so the two of you will struggle together in your adventure of getting to the top of the wall.

Tip: Bring some Gatorade to make sure you have the appropriate fuel in you to continue this fun yet adrenaline-boosting date (and bring some for her, obviously).

Q: What if my date enjoys staying outside most of the time?

A: If you don’t like going outdoors all the time, try and bend your ways a little bit, you’ll enjoy it. Pack a picnic filled with some of your favorite foods and some of her favorite foods. Add some booze to make it more exciting. It’ll make the two of you relaxed so that you can talk about whatever you’d like.

Tip: Make it for dinnertime. Preferably closer to when the sun sets. That way the date will be romantic and casual at the same time. But don’t forget to bring a candle or some type of bug repellent, because getting eaten alive by mosquitoes is not the best way to end a date.

Q: If I want to take my girlfriend out for a date that she’s never been on before, what could I do?

A: Try a jazz night. You’ll both be able to enjoy music that is somewhat unfamiliar to the two of you while enjoying drinks in each other’s presence.

Tip: If there’s an option to get up and show each other some moves, go for it. The more comfortable you are with each other, the better.

Q: My girlfriend has been complaining I don’t woo her enough, where could I take her to show her a little more romance?

A: My favorite spot for a little wooing would be a speakeasy. It’s so secretive and sensual. The best part is the two of you can enjoy each other in private because not many people are able to find speakeasies (and if they have, many people don’t visit them often). Plus, the dim lighting will set you two up for some sexy time later on in the night.

Q: My girl has been stressed out from work, family, and life in general lately. Where can I take her so she can have a good time?

happy couple spending weekend in cabinA: That’s easy; Take her away from where you are! Book a cabin for a weekend away in the woods. The two of you will have complete and utter privacy while being tucked away in a warm corner of the world. You’ll both be able to stay up late, sleep in, go outside and play around, and go inside by the fire.

Tip: Add some wine to the occasion and allow yourselves to get frisky.

Q: What do I do if my girlfriend comes home after a bad day and a date was originally planned?

A: Stay home! Stay home and allow her to relax. Take off her shoes, give her a glass of wine, and see what else she needs. Then, make her stay put and relax while you cook one of her favorite meals. Make sure she doesn’t help you. Remember, she needs to unwind.

Q: My girl is having my baby, and I don’t know what to do to make her feel like we’re still able to date. How do I fix this?

A: Well, do an at home date, but make it different. She may not feel like going out depending upon how far along she is in the pregnancy. Try playing some video games with her, so that she’s in the comfort of her own home but she’s still spending time with you. Allow her to pick the game (so long as it’s not a complete girly game). But then again, don’t play Call of Duty or a bunch of shooting games, as her stress levels may rise and this is no good for the baby. Try a racing game, or maybe even a Mario game, so that the two of you can get some laughs in.

Q: I want to get my ex back, and she’s finally given me a second chance. Where do I take her so that there’s no pressure or awkwardness?

A: Go out for some drinks. When she’s had a few and you’ve had a few, suggest going to do karaoke. You both know each other so well that embarrassing one another doesn’t happen easily. Plus, you can have the choice of singing with her or singing without her.

Tip: Don’t sing a heartbreak song, she’ll probably become uncomfortable.

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