Exuviance Review: Is it Effective?

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Exuviance Summary

The Exuviance line of products was developed by a dermatologist named Drs. Van Scott and Yu. NeoStrata is a widely recognized cosmetic dermatology company around the world. They are crowned as leaders in the field of cosmetic skin care. They are the creators of the first glycolic peel and are the discoverers the rejuvenating powers of alpha hydroxy which is clinically proven to provide visible results. They have designed an entire line of products called Exuviance to address the many signs of aging such as the development of discolorations.

Exuviance Ingredients and Functions

Hyper pigmentation issues

Vitamin A contains many components referred to as retinoids that applied prior to UVA ray exposure lessen a portion of the damage. Clinical studies have proven their ability to diminish the appearance of fine lines, smooth complexion, and correct hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin E moisturizes while providing a barrier to shield skin cells against moisture loss. It offers powerful free radical destroyers which prevent cell destruction from the sun.

Vitamin C contains asorbic acid which is a natural exfoliator that has also been proven to repair photo damaged skin.

Properties from grape seed components are potent alpha hydroxy acids. The have the capacity to infiltrate deep the pores to exfoliate dead skins cells. They also moisturize and create a healthy glow upon the skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids are derived from milk and fruit sugars then added to numerous skin care and medicinal products. It lifts dead skin cells to exfoliate the skin and allow healthy, fresh skin to shine through.

Glycerin is a popular personal care product ingredient which offers a certain degree of sun protection. It is known to moisturizes and assist skin cells in retaining hydration and is classified as a humectant. Glycerin draws moisture to them from the air.

Exuviance Pros and Cons

Exuviance Ingredients

Exuviance Pros

The properties in the Exuviance line by NeoStrata have been clinically tried.

There are many positive reviews posted on the internet for this product.

There is sun screen included in this line of products.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

The creation of the formula was guided by the hands of a medical professional.

Exuviance Cons

The post market product has not been studied.

There is only a 30-day window to request a refund.

Prior authorization number is required for returns and the company only accepts new, unused products.

This is an extremely expensive skin care solution.

There seems to be a number of user complaints about a strong smell.

Shop Spot

Amazon sells these individual products from $25 to $150. Complete sets are $200 and up from the NeoStrata skin care site and it offers free shipping, samples for orders over $75, and those who spend more than $100 receive a free gift.


This is an expensive line of skin care products which have scientific data backing them. It does seem to offer the potential of effectiveness; however, the purchase should be carefully considered as the return policy is extremely conditional.

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