five best muscle building supplements 5 best muscle building supplements

When training to build muscles, you will realize the importance of muscle building supplements. Although there are many different types of supplements available in the world of muscle building but, in order to get the best results you must get the best ones. So, here is a list of five best muscle building supplements that will not only help you gain muscles faster but will also give you more strength, more energy and better health.

Leucine – enriched BCAA

You will always get advice about the great benefits of taking BCAA as a muscle building supplement but many people still don’t know about the exact kind of BCAA that brings out the best results. Leucine is an important amino acid which increases your protein synthesis, boosts muscle growth by more than 45% and also helps a great deal in muscle recovery. Therefore, taking leucine enriched BCAA will provide you with immense benefit. It will almost make your body a muscle building machine and in no time you will find yourself transform into a hulk.


Creatine is often considered as an important agent for explosive muscle growth. It gives you the ability to hugely pack on muscles with high intensity exercises. It works as a fuel for your explosive muscle growth, boosts your strength development, enhances power performance and helps you in losing body fat at an incredible speed. Moreover, creatine works perfectly in your body in the presence of insulin. So, for better results, you are highly advised to take this supplement with carbs that will stimulate insulin in your body. You can also use alpha lipoic acid or fenugreek as they are also a good source in stimulating insulin.


Cartinine is already reputed for its fat-burning abilities but new studies have concluded that besides fat burning, Cartnine can also benefit your muscle building process. This supplement can increase the blood flow in your body leading to an accelerated muscle growth and muscle recovery. It also increases your testosterone level which gives you more strength and expands your blood vessels. Cartinine also helps in preventing muscle loss due to inactivity which helps your body to retain the muscle mass even when you skip your training for some time.


Caffeine is regarded as one of the best performance enhancing agent. It has been proved clinically that caffeine can raise your testosterone level to a considerable degree, boost your focus, and is especially effective in raising your physical capacity and refreshing your body when you are fatigued. A recent study found that bodybuilders who took caffeine before starting their training performed better and lifted heavier loads than they did without caffeine intake.

Fish oil and conjugated linoleic acid(CLA)

Fish oil and CLA are anabolic agents which help in boosting your results during your training at the gym. It has been found that consuming at least 4gm of fish oil everyday can increase the process of protein synthesis in your body by as much as 30%. This increasing protein synthesis then helps you greatly in gaining muscle mass very quickly.

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