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Force Factor Test X180 Alpha – Does it work?

Force Factor Test X180 Alpha – Does it work?

by menlivehealthyJuly 9, 2016

There comes a time when you might need a little assistance in achieving your goals, but do you go to the doctor first and get prescribed pharmaceuticals or do you try a more natural approach?

The decision is yours, but if you do decide to opt for holistic products – we are here to guide you. The information we offer is with regards to the different ingredients and formulas which are available. We explain how they work and compare labels to facts based on results of clinical trials, expert knowledge and research to help advise you on which supplements work the best.

Product description

One male enhancement supplement on the market today is Force Factor Test X180 Alpha.

This product is specially designed and promises to improve several important life factors – strength, energy and stamina. Then as a result of these improvements you are said to view a noticeable difference to your libido and erection quality!

In addition, by increasing the blood flow, (as well as the benefits stated above) there will be a significant boost to both your nervous and immune system.


testx180alpha-ourconclusion-multivitaminsMostly B vitamins, this formula consists of natural substances which work tandem to create effective and safe results.

Brain activities and cognitive functions such as focus, are advantaged by Vitamin B1 (or Thiamine). It also eliminates problems concerning the nervous system.

Boosting focus is another vitamin – Vitamin B2 aka Riboflavin. This substance provides iron to the blood and prevents headaches.

Increasing blood levels, breaking down protein and helping to build muscles is Vitamin B6.

Protecting the nervous system and also increasing energy is Vitamin B12. This vitamin is dubbed for giving you a clear mind and supplying a decent blood flow which in fact, impacts the penis and generates better erection quality!

Zinc boosts strength and energy. Selenium and Copper, benefit the heart and blood vessels by regulating blood flow – which, as described before impacts the quality of erection.

The full list of all natural ingredients are here: Thiamine, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Selenium and Copper – none of which should cause any harm to the human body or incur any unwanted side effects.

Value of the product

$84.99 is a little steep when you consider other male enhancement supplements. For this price you only receive a one month supply and are expected to take two capsules per day.

To conclude

fitness man exercising push ups smiling happy. Male fitness model cross-training on beach. Caucasian man in his twenties.

fitness man exercising push ups smiling happy. Male fitness model cross-training on beach. Caucasian man in his twenties.

Although this product works really well, it is simply a vitamin based formula. You could opt for Xtreme Testosterone or Nitro Genix 365 which are the leading brand and only pay $19.95 per bottle for a one month supply. These two formulas use potent and powerful herbs to have faster and more beneficial effects for muscle building purposes.

Biomanix is $59.95 and has been clinically proven to boost the libido and add inches to your penis size! It is the number one choice of male enhancement pill on the holistic market of today! Guaranteed to provide winning results.

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