by Robert Phillips
groom and his groomsmen having a blast and talks about Progentra

Your bride has been planning this day for months that you know of and years that you don’t know of. You’ve chosen the best groomsmen from your friends, and you want to show your appreciation with a small gift your bros might like, but what should you get them? Not more tchotchkes your best friends can’t use. A better gift could be well-reviewed whiskeys or cufflinks that have an image of your groomsmen’s favorite team. Here are six gifts you can give your bros after they’ve attended your wedding.


Created by Elijah Craig Barrel, The Whisky Advocate is named the best whiskey of 2017. After these accolades have been bestowed on this bottle of whiskey, it may be difficult to find, but to show your groomsmen you appreciate them, treat them to this smooth wine that has an amazing taste.


groomsman fixing his cufflinksMost guys don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear cufflinks, so your groomsmen are unlikely to have a pair. Grabbing them some with their favorite teams will be a great gift they won’t see coming.


If working out, going to the gym, or spending your days outside is a staple of your friendships, than wireless headphones could be an excellent gift. Your friends need only sync it to their devices and get going. These, unlike a lot of groomsmen gifts, will get daily use and your friends’ll like you a lot more because of that.


Ray-Ban Classic Clubmasters are amazing sunglasses that will give your groomsmen instance cool points. Not only do these glasses boost your groomsmen’s image in your wedding photos but they can wear these for a lot of years after your big day. Perhaps they’ll get their own chances to get married. The glasses are just that cool. Trust us.


A survival kit. A staple, or at least is should be, in a man’s collection, this survival kit is pocket-sized and has items like shoe cleaning fluid, a toothbrush and toothpaste, some soap, and a wedding ring. Humorously practical this kit will keep your groomsmen prepared for all of the ups and downs of daily life.


Alexander John’s pocket knife comes with a personalized corkscrew and bottle opener for when he wants to pop open a cold one. You cant leave your bros with an unopened bottle, so getting this for the is just the cool thing to do.


This unique gift made by Pop Chart Lab holds 99 craft beers from Modelo to Dogfish Head. Your groomsmen can try new beers and scratch off their accomplishments as they do it. To really make this gift, grab a couple types of the beers on the chart so your bros can start scratching off the same day they receive this gift. This practical cool present will remind your bros over the years (or days) how much fun they had at your wedding.


white moleskin notebook with pencil on tableGetting the Star Wars, Star Trek, or a variety of notebook themes from Moleskin could be an awesome gift. Not only used for writers, your artist or journaling friend can also use it. These products have a ton of colors that include classic, funky, and monochromatic hues, and collections that range from Star Wars to Coca-Cola. You have your pick of products so you can find the best notebook to match your friend’s personality.


Rather than give your groomsmen a gift, give them an experience. With sites like Groups, Vimbly, Living Social, and Cloud 9 Living, you have a ton of choices available to try sports games, racing, and hot air balloon rides. You can search for different experiences by city and give each groomsman an experience near his home or combine these into one huge outing for all your groomsmen at a location that’s close to your wedding. No matter what you choose, you and your friends will have a great time.

A 10-IN-1 TOOL

Gentlemen Hardware has created a credit card tool that is the same size as your wallet. This tool looks super practical for your no-frills friend, but it is also a can opener, saw blade, ruler, screwdriver, and six other things. With all of these amazing features, you’ve checked every box a no-frills kind of guy likes: useful, efficient, unique, and affordable.

Great job.


The gift that never stops giving, unless you stop paying, a subscription will remind your friends of how much you appreciate them every month their items arrive. Bitters + Bottles offers individualized boxes that come with how-to guides, mixed and bar-size bottles. Your friend won’t forget your generosity unless he enjoys too many of the items.


An excellent gift is matching ties and belts. These not only look great on your weeding day but will go great with his regular wardrobe. Not only will this give him that cool style of matching items, but it’ll help all of your groomsmen adhere to the dress code, especially the guy who thinks putting on a clean T-shirt after a few days is a lot of work.


The GI’s created a leather toiletry kit that will set off your bros style with some serious practicality. This kit is very durable and has sturdy zippers and a large compartment to put in all those things your cool friends like carrying around. Combined with a personalized razor you have an excellent gift. This kit is perfect for your outdoorsy friends who travel with nothing but the clothes on their back, shoes on their feet, and a few non-perishable foods.

Groomsmen have been there for you before the wedding and will be there during your magnificent, and long, journey. Treat them like the cherished friends they are.

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