How to Deal with Stress in Your Life

by Robert Phillips
squeezing yellow smiley stress ball

This is a hard subject to talk about, I understand. No one wants to admit they have a problem and you have come here to find a way to fix what you feel is broken. I don’t have all the answers, and this is not going to work for everyone, but I do have a few tips on how to deal with stress for you today. I hope these really help you and you find yourself in a better place, but if not please remember that it is okay to reach out and get help. Not every problem is solvable by yourself, but I hope the following advice aids you and you can get back on track for a fun and healthy life.


Nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol are all incredibly bad for your stress level.

stress free zone on cork boardYou should definitely limit, if not completely cut-out, these products from your life. Nicotine and caffeine are both simulants that will only increase your stress level and leave you crashing later, so not only are you not doing yourself any favors, you’re also dooming your future self to some awful effects. Alcohol is the opposite, a depressant, if you splurge to much and consume large quantities, but in smaller doses acts the same as nicotine or caffeine. While you may feel like your getting rid of your problems, you are doing nothing but symptom-treating a bigger issue. Plus, you’re going to give your future self a major hangover, and haven’t you done enough to him already?

Cutting out these harmful products will do loads for you mental and physical health and there’s a million things to replace them with. Try some herbal teas or for a sweet treat, some fruit juice, and everyone knows that water is going to do wonders for you, so why don’t you try that as well. Taking these benchwarmers and putting them into your starting line up is going to have you feeling amazing and is going to cut out some of that stress you’re feeling.

Next step to living stress free is to head to the gym.

Sweat out all those negative thoughts and keep yourself occupied. There’s some science behind my reasoning as well, so don’t be so quick to assume I’m just trying to get you to buy another gym membership, I’m not. Have you ever heard of the term “Fight or Flight?” Of course, you have! This refers to our instinct to run or to engage in combat the things that scare us, which was great about half a million years ago when our ancestors had to worry about lions in the bushes, but not so useful now. Instead when we experience these feelings in today’s times, which are caused by stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, we need to find a healthy alternative to beating up our boss or running, screaming from a board room meeting.

Exercising is a great way to satisfy these needs, whether you run on a treadmill or join a kick boxing class, you are scratching the metaphoric itch these hormones give you. Once you start having a release for all these pent up instinctual needs you are going to feel so much better and live a much more stress-free life.

With all that exercise and herbal tea, you have got to be getting sleepy.

Good! You already have a head start on the next point I’m making. Having less than your recommended amount of Z’s is going to be a major stress causer, so this new life style your living is going to do fantastic things to your sleep schedule. The way in which you fall asleep is also a big factor in your sleep cycle so, if you can help it, stay away from sleep medications, and try to just naturally fall asleep by increasing your relaxation before bed time.

Other ways to increase your chances of falling asleep naturally are to stay away from caffeine and alcohol before bed, which you’re already doing right? You should also limit your interactions with blue light, which is mostly going to be from electronic screens, and don’t do anything super demanding a few hours before bed. Give your brain a rest man. Also, other relaxing actions are going to boost your chances, so read a book, take a bubble bath, and just breath. Finding a good bed time routine is going to help with your anxiousness and get you ready to deal with the terrors of the next day.

Another great tip that you have probably heard a thousand times over, but hey, don’t mess with the classics, is to just talk to someone.

stressed woman trying to clear head and thinkI don’t care if its your best friend, girlfriend, psychiatrist, or a creepy bust of George Washington himself, you must talk to someone. These feeling you are experiencing are not going to just magically go away, and yes you may follow every step I’ve given you so far, but if the doubts and fears you’re experiencing are persistent no amount of bubble bath is going to work my friend, I’m sorry. The only way to really face and work through your problems is to talk about them, whether its with someone involved or a completely excluded party, it’s going to help you to hear your stress validated and hear other people’s opinions.

You might not like the idea, nobody really does, talking to someone makes you feel vulnerable and weak, but I promise you, you’re far from that. Wanting to get better and taking the steps to do it are the hardest parts in the process and the fact you did them makes you so strong. The world likes to tell us to just be happy and if we aren’t that’s our fault, but if you want my opinion, we are all part of this world and we are all stuck here together for the time being, so why do we try so hard to make others unhappy. If you’re stressed and feel bad, fight to feel better. Take that initiative and talk to someone and maybe down the line you could be helpful to someone else experiencing the same issues you are.


I hope the advice above helps you experience the peace you’re looking for. Stress is a dangerous thing in all our lives and if we are not willing to face it and deal with it, the doubts and fears will pile up until it will feel impossible to get back to the way you were. This is, of course, not true and there is always a way to get help and find your way back, and I hope this article today helped to show you that.

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