Katana V3 Review – What’s Inside?

Katana V3 Review – What’s Inside?

Katana V3 Review

Generally, Komodo Neutraceuticals is known for creating bodybuilding supplements for those who want to know exactly what they are putting in their body and desire only the best and most natural ingredients possible. Komodo creates formulas for strength and endurance while also creating products to increase energy and size.

Natural ingredientsThe Katana V3 is specifically designed for all of these things. Strength, endurance, pumps, and energy. According to Komodo, there is no need to cycle off or rest from this product either. And they also boldly claim that it’s the only pre-workout supplement you’re going to need forever. Bold claim, I know.

So let’s dive into the products and see what they have to offer.

or endurance they are using Agmatine Sulfate to enhance glycogen storage, L-Citrulline to improve aerobic endurance while also reducing soreness, and then Peppermint Extract to increase endurance (time of exhaustion by 25%).

Then, for strength they are using Amentoflavone to increase the calcium release and enhance the overall force of muscle contractions.

For pumps you will find Agmatine Sulfate used for this as well. This will also help with muscle fullness. Then also for pump there is Hydra-Vask, which adds volume to plasma and increases fluid in the blood stream. L-Citruline and Amentoflavone are also used to aid with pump.

Lastly, we have caffeine for amazing focus and energy, Cognizin to permeate the blood-brain barrier in order to assist with mind to muscle connection, and L-Tyrosine and Amentoflavone also help with overall focus and concentration while decreasing anxiety.

Pepper mint extractTo take Katana V3 you will just mix one single scoop with water and take it about a half hour before you workout. A major benefit to this particular product is that it contains everything you need for a pre-workout formula, making it much easier as you don’t have to take multiple pills or supplements before you workout. It also doesn’t use solely caffeine or caffeine-related products for energy, so you have ingredients like nootropics to assist with focus and energy instead of an excess of caffeine. Some downfalls, though minor, are a complaint in a few reviews that drowsiness can occur and also that the taste is disgusting, but I find taste to be pretty gross across the board with things like this. I’m more interested in effects than taste and can sacrifice the allegiance of my taste buds for a minute while I down something like this. If it’s worth it of course. And Katana V3 seems to have plenty of stellar reviews with a very loyal following. Personally, I think the strength aspect of this product should be enhanced a bit in order to consider it a genuine all around product, but other than that it seems legitimate and seems to offer great results. It is a little expensive, but nothing too far out of reach. So overall I’d say Katana V3 looks like a decent choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one powder to take before your workout session. It definitely seems like a good option if you’re looking for an easy way to get everything you need in one.

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