Lifestyle Changes You Should Make to Increase Your Sperm Count

by Robert Phillips

Men with erectile dysfunction tend to wonder what they’re doing wrong. More often than not, men look towards their health issues. This can range from overall weight issues to heart issues, and from lack of exercising to foods consumed.

However, have men ever looked at the lifestyle choices they’ve made in recent years? Have men ever wondered if their lifestyle choices have anything to do with their ED? Have men ever changed their lifestyle decisions to see if this may positively impact their sex lives?

The answer to all three of these questions is no.

Guys let’s face it: You probably haven’t looked at your lifestyle choices in several years, nor have you made any changes to the semi-bad lifestyle choices you do make.

And what’s worse than this? What’s worse is that you probably have no idea what lifestyle choices are good and what ones are bad. I mean, granted, you know that eating a pint of ice cream every day is not good for you. And you also know that eating that pint of ice cream every day can cause you to gain weight, which in turn can cause your sex life to fade. That’s not where I’m going with this, though.

I’m trying to talk about the lifestyle choices you don’t necessarily know you’re making. The ones that really impact your penis and sex life overall.

Okay, that’s a long enough introduction. If you don’t know what I’m talking about by now, you probably never will. Either way, read on and check out what you should change about your life to better help your sperm (and overall sex life).

Stop drinking so much.

Alcohol is not known to drastically impact your sperm count, but it is known to impact it in some shape or form.

If you drink alcohol all the time, your sperm count is probably much lower than it originally was when you weren’t consuming alcohol on a regular basis. Though drinking alcohol may not be the worst thing you can do for your sperm, it’s certainly not the best.

So, if you’re trying to conceive a child, lay off the beer, wine, and spirits.

Don’t watch TV all the time.

The television lowers your sperm count. In fact, a recent study showed that men who watched approximately 20 hours of television every week had half the amount of sperm they could have. In other words, men who didn’t watch a ton of TV every week had so much more sperm.

Do not keep your cell phone in the same spot all the time.

Cell phones emit radiation. Cell phones that emit radiation (all cell phones) send electromagnetic waves to your body. If you keep your cell phone in the same pocket all the time, chances are the electromagnetic waves will go directly to the nearest organ. If your cell phone is in either of your front pockets, chances are the waves are going to target your penis and surrounding male reproductive organs, therefore potentially causing ED.

Instead of keeping it in your pants pocket, aim to either put it on the table, put it in a shirt pocket, or strap it around your arm in one of those nifty arm band things.

Stay away from hot tubs and hot baths (at least most of the time).

Now, I’m not saying you have to stay away from these luxurious pools of heat, but if you’re trying to conceive a baby, I’d keep my distance.

If you spend only 30 minutes in water that’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ve already dropped your sperm count about 50%, never mind if you’ve stayed in the water for over 30 minutes, or if you’ve stayed in water that’s over the degree recommended.

What’s worse is that if you’re often found in hot tubs and hot baths, you may be subject to infertility. Try your best to stay away at all costs.

Have more sex.

Believe it or not, having more sex can really boost your sperm count. The old myth of ejaculating often will cause you to lose most of your sperm count is not true. I mean, if we’re being totally honest here, you can wait a few days before having sex to increase your odds of conceiving a child, but you won’t drastically decrease your odds if you have sex every day.

In fact, if you have sex every day, your body will produce new sperm and won’t house stale sperm to be shot into the uterus.

So, try not to save your sperm for too long.

If you want to up your sperm count a little more by incorporating these lifestyle changes into your life, go for it. If you want some additional little sperm cells swimming around in your scrotum, add natural male enhancement supplement to the list of lifestyle changes. It will give you that extra sexual boost you need, and it’s all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about all those unwanted side effects.


By Jenny Lyn

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