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Lipogenix Elite Review – The All-New Fat-Burning Supplement is Lipogenix Elite

Lipogenix Elite Review – The All-New Fat-Burning Supplement is Lipogenix Elite

by menlivehealthySeptember 11, 2016

Lipogenix Elite Review

If you’re looking to burn fat and lose weight, you’ve come to the right place. Lipogenix Elite is one of the best fat-burning supplements on the market according to researchers, athletes, bodybuilders, and average joes alike. This is because it really works. How? We’re glad you asked.

How it Works


Besides the wild results you can expect, the next thing most people want to know about a supplement is how it works. Or, does it really work that well?

We always laugh when we hear someone complaining that they “sweat like a pig.” This phrase makes it sound like sweating is bad! In fact, sweating is proof that your body is putting in the work it needs to put in to keep you healthy, to keep your metabolism high, and to keep your weight in check. What exactly is happening when you sweat, though?

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The key interaction that Lipogenix Elite promotes is thermogenics.

lipogenix-elite-bottlesThermogenics help your body enhance its temperature in order to burn even more calories. When your body heats up, you burn more calories and fats. Think about the phrase “the pounds will melt off.” With thermogenics, you’re literally so hot the fat might as well be melting off of you! And this is why sweat is not disgusting or annoying or embarrassing. Sweat is exactly what you want.

Lipogenix Elite really gets your thermogenics going so you can burn as much fat as possible in a shorter period of time. Losing weight requires more than a healthy diet and a good fitness program for many people. This is where Lipogenix Elite gives you that extra boost and makes your workout all the more powerful when it comes to burning that unwanted fat.

The supplement takes advantage of thermogenics thanks to stimulant-based fat burners. These stimulant-based fat burners help you use up more calories, and they also mobilize your fat cells so your body can eat them up for energy throughout your workout.

What ingredients get this fat-burning process going?

People love hearing that they’ll get some awesome results from a supplement, and sure, hearing how the supplement works can be interesting. But they want proof. And the proof can always be found on the ingredients label. Here are some of the top ingredients in Lipogenix Elite and how they work to get the fat sliding off your body fast.


lipogenix-elite-ingredients-caffeineIf you know much about fat-burning supplements, you’ve probably read the word caffeine quite a few times. This is because caffeine is a key thermogenesis trigger. Caffeine stimulates your body to heat up, which means more fat burning for you. But it also gives you that jolt of energy you need before your workout to push much harder than you would without it, and exercise is a key part of this weight loss formula.


lipogenix-elite-ingredients-glucuronolactoneSynephrine works in synergy with caffeine as a stimulant that increases your body’s ability to heat up and burn more calories. Synephrine is similar to Ephedrine, a very potent fat-burning supplement recently banned for its dangerous side effects. Synephrine works similarly to Ephedrine, but without the side effects.


Glucuronolactone is a real mouthful, but what it does for you is quite simple. Glucuronolactone reduces feelings of fatigue and pain during your workout, allowing you to work out longer and harder. It’s well-known for its ability to increase your focus, stamina, and overall performance throughout your workout. The longer you work out, heat up your body, and get that fat burning going, the sooner you’ll see the very real results that come from using Lipogenix Elite in conjunction with exercise.

Phenylethylamine Hcl

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-phenylethylamine-hclOne of the most frustrating situations is when you get to the gym and you’ve forgotten your headphones or the only treadmill available doesn’t have a TV. If it’s hard for you to focus long enough to get through the bare minimum of your workout, Phenylethylamine Hcl is here to help. P Hcl triggers excitement and focus, allowing you to enjoy a workout you may have dreaded before.

Yohimbe Extract and Inositol Niacinate

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-yohimbe-extractBesides thermogenics, one thing Lipogenix Elite really has going for it is vasodilation. Vasodilation is when blood vessels relax, allowing increased amounts of oxygen-rich blood to flow through the body to the muscles. This increased blood flow, stimulated by vasodilators like Yohimbe Extract and Inositol Niacinate, allows the body to send nutrients to the muscles increasing muscle growth and decreasing muscle fatigue. The more your muscles are working, the more fat you’re burning.

Now you know how it works and which ingredients make these interactions possible.

So, why should you buy Lipogenix Elite?lipogenix-elite-box

  • Because you want to lose weight.

You should buy Lipogenix Elite because it works. Lipogenix Elite is one of the best fat-burning supplements available on the market, and it’s guaranteed you’ll see a change in your body fat percentage within two to four weeks when combined with exercise.

  • Because it’s healthier than a diet pill.

In a world where everyone’s looking for a quick and easy fix, diet pills sell faster than hot glazed donuts. Diet pills are dangerous, time-consuming, and unhealthy, though. Typically quick fixes are fixes that don’t work and don’t last – this is true for diet pills. Diet pills speed up your digestion, preventing your body from absorbing the nutrients it needs, or they suppress your appetite. In other words, you might lose weight, but you’ll be doing it the unhealthy way. You’ll also be spending a lot of time on the toilet.

  • Because you want to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

Part of real, long-lasting weight loss is adopting a healthier lifestyle which includes regular exercise. Exercise and Lipogenix Elite make the dream team when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

What results can I expect?


When you take Lipogenix Elite as recommended on the label, you can expect a reduction in your body fat composition within as little as two to four weeks.

Lipogenix Elite works particularly well in conjunction with some other popular supplements. Lipogenix Elite combines well with Garcinia X, an appetite suppressant. It also works well with NitroGenix 365 to replace fat with muscle.

Lipogenix Elite: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Our verdict: Buy it.

When it comes to fat-burning supplements, Lipogenix Elite is at the top of its game. It is considered by many as one of the best products in the industry with numerous reviews on its effectiveness. These reviews come from more than just happy average users: they’re also supported by researchers, bodybuilders, and serious athletes.

lipogenix-elite-why-should-you-buy-itYou could ravage your body with dangerous diet pills and yo-yo dieting. Or you could adopt a supplement and workout regime that actually works. Lipogenix Elite works fast, but it’s not just a quick fix. It’s a long-lasting answer to maintaining a healthy weight.

Lipogenix Elite is a unique fat-burning supplement in that it works in a healthy, natural way with your body. Rather than purging your body of nutrients with diet pills, Lipogenix and exercise work to build your body muscle, strength, and endurance that allow for real and long-lasting weight loss while the fat just melts off.

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