Low on Energy? Here are 3 ways to boost your energy during the day

The worst thing about having a good night’s rest is waking up tired and knowing you’d have to endure a whole day’s work feeling tired. Everybody had experienced waking up tired and wanting to go back to sleep.

It’s kind of amusing how many people experience low-energy mornings and still manage to endure work every day. It kind of makes you think how many people would show up for work if they had the choice of sleeping all day.

Why do you feel tired after sleeping?

Before your body goes into a sleep state, your brain is filled with chemicals that make you sleepy. These chemicals are active throughout the night to keep you asleep. After waking up, the chemicals in your brain that made you sleep hasn’t worn off, and it may take a few moments to get you back into an alert state. That’s why nobody goes from a deep sleep to a complete battle-ready awareness in one second.

Your blood glucose levels are a huge factor in your early morning energy levels as well. Glucose is one of the energy sources of your body. After sleeping for hours, your body burns through the glucose which leaves you running on fumes when you wake up.

Considering the low glucose levels and the sleepy chemicals in your brain, there’s no wonder that you still feel tired even though your body is fully rested. Add the fact that sleeping just feels so right on a cold morning and you have every motivation in the world to skip work for the day.

Before you get in trouble, consider these few steps to help you take back your mornings and energize your way through the day:

Eat your breakfast

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many people neglect eating their breakfast just to catch the morning train. This could lead to a lazy, un-energized day ahead. Going to work without eating your breakfast is like racing in the Indy 500 without a pit stop. You need energy to power through your day, and you get that by eating your breakfast.

Get your alarm clock out of arm’s reach

If you place your alarm clock just right on your nightstand, you could easily hit snooze and just go back to sleep. Keeping your alarm clock out of arm’s reach would prompt you to stand up, which should give your mind and body enough time to realize that it’s time to get up.

Stay away from high-caffeine energy drinks

Energy drinks offer a quick boost of energy, but it also gives your body a caffeine crash after its effects have worn out. Choose more healthy foods that are awesome energy sources like oatmeal and egg.

Getting low on energy is something that we have to deal with every day. More often than not, having just the right attitude can get you through the day, but a little help from food doesn’t hurt.

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