male sexual problems and solutions

One of the most deflating experiences in the world are any problems with sexual performance. Men are raised to believe that their sexual prowess is directly related to success. Experiences with impudence have a detrimental effect on men and their relationships. It is generally believed that if a man fails in bed he is not man enough to succeed in any other area of life. This is not true; however, that response only looks good on paper.

Most men suffering from sexual issues do not realize that in most cases it is completely correctable. They must first understand what causes the issue before ever attempting to address it. The problem usually relates to natural functions of the body and therefore require natural answers. There is a new answer on the market today that is natural, safe, and 100% effective. Formula41 Extreme is found among bogus rip off products; however, a closer look at it reveals a product which stands out among its peers.

Diet and Function

One of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction is simply a poor diet. While this is a rather simple cause, it results in many problems which can quickly spiral out of control. Individuals today lead busy lives and often neglect what they view as the little things. It is important to understand that any aspect of health is not trivial and dietary intake is directly related to the quality of health.

Men today are chasing success and eating junk food on the run. It may be hot and come from a restaurant, but in most cases it is just glorified junk. The body is much like a machine which must be finely tuned for optimal performance. Many health issues, including sexual ones, are all interrelated. For example, those who seem to lack enthusiasm and endurance in bed most likely are also unduly tired in other areas of life. They wake up tired and must drag themselves to out of bed to start the day.

Formula41 Extreme contains ingredients which boost energy and endurance levels in bed. These same properties also increase energy levels in all areas of life. It is not possible to rectify any situation by simple glossing over the surface. The issue must first be examined from all angles in order to determine what the resolution is.

Formula41 Extreme provides those nutrients which the body is lacking in. The sexiest car in the world will not perform like a beast on regular gas. It must be fueled with high octane premium grade fuel. Junk food clogs the arteries and feeds the cells toxins which breaks down every system in the body. Men simply pay more attention to the reproductive system.

Long Term Answer

The scenario described above applies to diseases as well.  A man can suffer from lethargy, chest pain, and shortness of breath. He will ignore these symptoms until one day he can no longer achieve an erection. Heart disease is often related to toxic build up and many men do not realize that they have disease until they go to the doctor to discuss their ED issues.

A regimen of Formula41 Extreme provides nutrients which fuel all the systems of the body for optimal functioning. The natural ingredients in Formula41 Extreme such as Maca, L-Arginine, and Tongkat Ali dramatically increase free testosterone production. They also promote healthy blood flow and circulation; act as vasodilators, and assist in building muscle tissue. Regularly fueling the body with Formual41 Extreme cleans out the carburetor and brings the engine roaring to life like a fine tuned beast.


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