Minute Man No More: Your Guide to Lasting

Minute Man No More: Your Guide to Lasting

Tired of blowing load two minutes into sexy time? It’s definitely not a fun experience for her when she has to try to make your feel better while subtly suggesting you start munching on some rug ASAP to get her finished. And it definitely is embarrassing for you. So we phoned in some sexpert tips to help you last longer in the sack. None of them involve imagining your grandparent’s “doin’ it” I promise.

Stop thinking


Men Laying on bed

You don’t need to start reciting the Pledge of Allegiance backwards, in fact it is the anxiety that would induce you to do that in the first place that makes you cum so quickly. Instead of thinking only about not cumming, just try to be present in the moment. Think positive things about your sexual performance and your sexy self. As you’ve known so well your entire life, your brain is not so great at controlling your cock.

Hit pause

Just because you are pausing the intercourse to gather your stamina, doesn’t mean you can’t pleasure her in the meantime. Rub the head of your penis all around her vagina, teasing her, making her beg for it. Finger her. Go down on her. There are a myriad of things you can do to keep the pleasure train on track while preventing yourself from going over the edge too soon.

Exercise your PC Muscles

Let PC take on an entirely new meaning beyond ‘Personal Computer’. Your PC muscles are the ones you would use if you wanted to stop urinating mid-stream. Make that motion with your PC muscle and do three sets of 15 reps. This will help you gain more control of the muscle. This act also increases blood flow, which can help you achieve a bigger erection.

The 7 and 9 method

Borrowed from the Kama Sutra is a little technique called the 7-9 method. That means 7 fast pumps and 9 slow thrusts. This is a great rhythm for prime vaginal stimulation and also helps you last longer. The simple counting can also serve as a very simple distraction that can become automatic after a minute or so.

Squeeze Technique

Applying pressure to the area can help you maintain an erection, promoting blood flow. A cock ring can be a great toy to help with this technique. Have your woman put the ring around as foreplay to help keep blood flow to the erect penis. Another “squeezing” technique is to put pressure on the underside of the penis head. Remember it is much better to wear a cock ring and sexier to apply, than simply to ejaculate after just a few minutes of intercourse.

Stay in the shallow end

Woman siting on bed, frustrated

Woman siting on bed, frustrated

Don’t try to hit her cervix if you feel like you are about to blow. Taking your time and building with shallow thrusts in the lower vaginal area can not only gracefully build towards a female orgasm, it can help you last longer.

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