All-Natural Weight Loss Reviews: Phenocal

Water plus healthy diet makes you healthy

We all want to look and feel our best. In 2016, organic all-natural diet fads are all the rage. Is natural the way to go? Are these products claiming to be “healthier” really even good for us? Or is it all just marketing used to trick us?

Phenocal is a fat burning diet pill that promises users long-term weight loss the all-natural way. It works as an herbal appetite suppressant and works to improve overall health, ultimately promoting weight loss. Will this product really rev up your metabolism the way it claims to? Let’s get a behind the scenes look to see if this supplement is worth adding to your virtual cart.

History of Pharmaxa Labs

phenocal-company-claims-healthy-habitsPharmaxa Labs wanted to create an herbal supplement that would help frustrated diet pill junkies and yo-yo dieters to lose weight and be able to keep it off. The company wrote a booklet to accompany the pills that outlines a system that users need to follow to see results from the pill.

At the heart of the Phenocal system, are real permanent lifestyle changes that will improve user health with or without the pill. The herbs act to compliment this Phenocal Weight Loss System. It was intended to be a global solution to obesity, a plan simple enough for everyone to follow and a pill designed to support the program, rather than be the main source of fat burning power. The power had to come from within… how zen of Pharmaxa.

Phenocal Ingredient Breakdown

SO, what is inside this alleged herbal pill? The lab put together 20 different ingredients that mostly are herbal extracts. Here are some of the main active ingredients and how they function to support weight loss.

phenocal-ingredients-hoodia-gordoniiChromium… a classic craving curber.

Folic Acid… helps to melt away excess fat the body does not need for energy.

Fucoxanthin… meant to increase metabolism and the body’s internal temperature to stoke the metabolic inferno it creates

Glucomannan… fiber is essential to satiety, this soluble helps with feeling full and fighting cravings while regulating blood sugar

Hoodia Gordonii… A trending super plant from South African that is now a popular appetite suppressing herb.

Green Tea Leaf Extract… Green Tea is made of something called catcheins that are believed to aid in weight loss.

5-Hydroxyptophan… This controls mood, by boosting mood it eliminates stress and raises Serotonin levels which are directly related to weight loss

How does it really work?

The supplement is suppose to boost the metabolism to prevent excess fat from accumulating while giving users extra energy to be more active. It also acts to trick the brain into thinking it is satisfied to stop cravings for junk foods. It helps to raise the Serotonin levels because, well, happy people lose weight.

Pros Cons
Some positive reviews from users who followed the program Pricey
All-natural quality herbal ingredients Might not work
No side effects Need to diet and exerise

The Final Review:

If you want to break a sweat and eat some veggies, but mainly stop eating junk and sitting around, this could be a great supplement to support those lifestyle changes. The product is safe, but has really mixed reivews based on what the users did to help them lose weight besides take the pill. No matter what there is no proof the pill did even help other dieters. However, the ingredient list is super solid. These herbs have been used medicinally for thousands of years. So, what do you trust more the quick fix caffeine pill or Phenocal a relatively harmless herbal supplement that requires you have to work a little bit harder to get the results you want?

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