Nitric Max Muscle – Will this product work better than any other?

Nitric Max Muscle - Will this product work better than any other?

With there being a high number of supplements on the market today then there is no wonder it can be difficult in deciding which one to pick. Depending on the price for the label, just doesn’t seem enough before you invest you health, time and cash into a product and this is why we have made useful reviews that can offer you the relevant information you may require when making a purchase decision. What you want and need to hear are the facts and accurate advice as to whether the formulas have been tested and contain the correct ingredients for the job you are trying to achieve.

Product description

Bigger muscle

Nitric Max Muscle is a bodybuilding supplement that uses all-natural ingredients and has been designed to enhance your training performance by generating the production of nitric oxide and supplying necessary nutrients to the body  in order for you to become stronger and grow a bigger and leaner physique.

Great for male adults who are above the age of 18, this product will make you stronger with a bigger muscle mass and assist your exercise regime. Usually, anyone working out at the gym main find that they need a little extra assistance to sculpt their body exactly how they wish and this is a supplement that will help you do just that – quickly and effectively.

The gas nitric oxide consists of a one nitrogen atom and a single oxygen atom and when this substance is released within the body, muscles receive extra fuel and those all essential nutrients meaning you gain stronger pumps and fuller muscles. Overall, you will feel maximum strength and endurance.

There are no side effects inflicted by this product as it only uses natural ingredients.

Ingredients & formula

Nitric Max Muscle - Ingredients

This mix contains an 800mg blend of L-Arginine in every capsule.

The L-Arginine blend consists of: A-AKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate), A-KIC (arginine ketoisocaproate), OKG (ornithine alpha ketoglutarate) and GKG (glutamine alpha- ketoglutarate).

Other ingredients listed are: Magnesium Stearate, diCalcium Phosphate, Cellulose and Stearic Acid.

The reason that L-Arginine is the primary component is because it serves as a precursor of nitric oxide.

Even though there are no chemicals or risky ingredients, it is best to consult a doctor before consumption, especially if you have any medical conditions or are under the influence of any other medications.


The price is around $53.95 depending on which retailer you choose and usually there is a free trial available with this product.

One container contains 90 capsules which is a one month with the dosage being 2-3 tablets every day. The tablets should be taken alongside meals and have the best effects if this is before training. Do not consume more than 6 tablets a day.

Results should be apparent after a few weeks, but this depends on the person.

Our conclusion

Although this supplement seems like it has a reasonably good formula, there is no clinically evidence that it is the best and most advanced. However, Nitro Genix 365 has had the correct studies to prove its effectiveness and is also substantially cheaper for a one month supply at $19.95.

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