A Product Review of Blue Goo: Is it Safe & Effective

General Idea

It is impossible to enjoy a remarkably good day when you have pain and discomforts all throughout your body? Having a highly active kind of lifestyle has been part of your life that doing otherwise is hard to imagine, but sometimes it is the case since nature dictates that our body wears out as we age. One of the most common problems associated with getting older is joint pain. But it doesn’t mean that we just need to accept this and do nothing about it. Nowadays there are a number of options such as pain prescriptions and supplements.

There are also lots of topical creams that intend to bring pain relief for the joints. There are so many it’s hard to know which one is good. One of the brands out there is the Blue Goo. But before trying it out or any other products for that matter; make sure you’re equipped with all the necessary information and details about the product. It is also helpful to read customer feedbacks, as well as reviews made by professionals. This way you’re making a conscious decision and you’re not wasting your money for a product that’s mediocre, or worse, fake.

Blue Goo Introduction

preview-full-joint-pain_shutterstock_176622008This joint solution is in the form of gel or cream and is said to cure joint pains, aches in the body and other kinds of uneasiness associated with arthritis. Blue Goo claims to efficiently deliver respite from pain. This is achieved by entering the skin deeply so that it directly cures the root cause of the pains, and not merely the symptoms. Furthermore, the company behind Blue Goo claims that the product can also serve as remedy to sprains, strains, muscle pains, rigid joints, tendonitis, back aches, and neck uneasiness. With the use of Blue Goo, you recover your mobility completely. It is said to be very effective that you’ll even move on from the pain earlier felt and just enjoy what you can do with your now pain-free and highly mobile, flexible body. The product helps to relax the right areas that are obstructing you from freely moving.

Understanding How the Product Function

This product claims to alleviate pain to allow you to enjoy your life just like you always you did with physical activities. Blue Goo is available in gel and cream. If you make your purchase through the official site, you can also see various sizes for selections.

These are the claims made for the product by its manufacturer:

Momentary respite from muscle pains and strains, aches due to arthritis, joint discomfort and tendonitis.

Immediate relief from all the pain and uneasiness.

Slackens muscles and tendons for increased mobility.

Blue Goo is composed of naturally safe components that are potent despite being harmless.

The Company behind Blue Goo

preview-full-shoulderThis product is developed by Garcoa Laboratories, a US-based company that also manufacturers other items for foot care. As mentioned, Blue Goo is available in various sizes. So, you can select the size that suits your personal needs.

The company is known among athletes, health conscious individuals and sports experts. If you’re keen in trying out Blue Goo, you can visit the manufacturer’s site and register so that you’re informed of any ongoing deals and other promotions. You can also get health articles, which are also useful in helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle for overall well-being. The company operates and dedicates itself in creating credible products the consumers can rely themselves into by using the greatest and the safest components.

What are the Components in the Product?

Basically, the product makes use of the following ingredients: MSM, Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate, Emu Oil, Menthol, and White Willow Bark. Blue Goo’s formulation is also composed of other plant-based components that have been meticulously combined and quantified to come up with the ultimate pain solution that has the capacity to work instantly, so as not to prolong your pain. Blue Goo also contains emu oil, which is quite distinctive and is not often found in similar products. This kind of oil is efficient for treating joint aches because of the reasons below:

It’s nearly composed of pure triglyceride lipid, a fatty compound that comes profusely in skin lipids. Emu oil is like these lipids, so it becomes simpler for the body to soak this up.

Emu oil is rich in oleic acid, which boosts Blue Goo’s capacity to transport the elements into the cells of the skin.

This oil does not have phospholipids, a compound that slows down the process of absorption.

The Effectiveness of the Components

In some studies, it was shown that the components in Blue Goo’s formulation really work. It is corroborated by mostly positive reviews of customers, saying that the product is highly recommended thanks to its safety and efficiency.

Proper Use of the Product

Application of Blue Goo to the skin can be done generously. If the user is below six years old, Blue Goo is not recommended. Remember to keep the container upside down, so it’s easier to use it.

Bear in mind that this product is a topical cream/gel, thus it is only for external application. While applying Blue Goo to affected areas, don’t ever apply near your eyes and avoid contact with mucous membranes. It is not suggested to use Blue Goo alongside other topical brands. In the case that you inadvertently consume it orally, or someone in your household does, call your physician or the Poison Control Center ASAP. Also, do not use Blue Goo with heating equipments, too.

See your doctor if:

Blue Goo does not produce any changes and you’re still in pain.

You’re expecting or breastfeeding.

Instructions Prior Use

Bear in mind that Blue Goo is great for adults. Of course, since it’s for external use only, this means it could be detrimental when accidentally consumed orally. That’s why it is a must that you keep it away from kids. Ideally, keep Blue Goo in a dry location.

Is it Harmless?

Since the components are plant-based, Blue Goo is widely believed to be harmless on the skin, just don’t ingest it.

Safety Precautions and Adverse Reactions

Thus far, there are no adverse reactions that have been reported associated with the use of Blue Goo. The warnings, on the other hand, are directly stated in the directions for use section. Read them carefully to avoid any unpleasant instances brought by improper use of the product.

What about Clinical Studies/Research Performed?

The manufacturer explains comprehensively with regards the advantages of the components MSM and emu oil, but there are no clinical studies performed on the ingredients or the product itself that have been mentioned on the site, so they’re lacking in this aspect.

Place of Purchase

As mentioned, Blue Goo can be purchased directly through the official site. You can also get the product from independent resellers. The deals and promotions vary depending on the store that sells the product. If you want to save money and get the best deals, you have to do your research thoroughly to select the best store that has the best offer.

Bottom Line: Is Blue Goo the Real Deal?

For one, this product is truly worth the shot if it’s a solution for joint pain you’re looking for. Blue Goo can also alleviate muscle pains and other discomforts you feel that hinder you from being fully mobile and enjoying an active lifestyle. Despite Blue Goo containing emu oil and other components that are plant-based, Blue Goo is considered as an average kind of joint pain solution. It is not that distinctive and special when compared to some other product, but as mentioned it’s worth the shot.

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