A Product Review of Cerastim: Is this Safe & Effective?

Cerastim Overview

Manufactured by Live Cell Research, Cerastim is touted to be a cutting-edge nutritional product that helps the brain improve its facilities by utilizing six potent natural components. Consequentially, the supplement is said to enhance your recall and overall mood, boost mental energy, augment your ability to concentrate and other mental benefits.

Surely, all these seem to be excellent features of a nootropic supplement with the profound capability to deliver benefits for improving brain performance and health. But is Cerastim a genuine product with genuine advantages? Or is it just one of the many nootropics in the market that cannot really deliver? We gathered all necessary information to help those who are thinking of trying Cerastim make an informed decision.

Understanding How the Product Function

Its manufacturer touts that the supplement only involves highly effectual natural components, which have all gone through clinical studies that have been shown to be effective in unleashing your brain’s potential and expand its facility. This can be obtained through the use of their six natural components that are said to increase neurotransmitters in the brain. This functions in order to open the neocortical columns that are said to help you “compound your brainpower”. Some of the asserted gains from taking Cerastim is augmented focus, enhanced mood, improved focus and vigilance, increased mental energy, quicker verbal memory and many others.

Given this, the brain supplement is said to have the components listed below:


Proprietary Blend 675mg
Bacopa Extract – Could aid in the enhancement of verbal memory, retention of memory and even learning of new skills.
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – Could increase the manufacturing of dopamine and epinephrine. This can lead to mood improvement.
Phosphatidyl Serine – Could help the walls of your brain get more efficient neurotransmitters.
Trans Resveratrol – This is an antioxidant that could aid in the enhancement of mental health.
Vinpocetine – This could help enhance the circulation of blood in the brain.
Huperzine A – This could boost the levels of acetylcholine, a strong neurotransmitter, in the brain.

Cerastim’s manufacturer, Live Cell Research, recommends taking two capsules of the supplement in the morning before eating your breakfast. By following the recommended dosage, you can feel the notable change after 20-30 minutes of consuming the supplement. The effects can last in 6-8 hours. Live Cell Research, meanwhile, said that you can take one more capsule at night if you want. Regular consumption of Cerastim promises amazing mental health benefits.

Also, the company purports that this nootropic supplement is made of totally natural components with no artificial compounds. These components also went through third-party tests where their effectiveness and purity were shown. On the other hand, there are adverse reactions stated on the official site, which are sleeping problems, lessened appetite, dryness of the mouth, dizziness, being in a euphoric state, lucid dreams, and even unsteadiness or loss of balance. As Cerastim starts to lose its effects, you may also crash.

Cerastim Cost and Money-Back Guarantee
This particular brain booster is accessible in three buying selections:

1 Bottle: $49.95 plus $3.95 S&H.
2 Bottles: $88.91
3 Bottles: $124.37

All purchases of Cerastim more than $50 include free shipping. Its manufacturer also guarantees that there’s no autoship program you would be registered into, so you should not worry about any recurring orders.

The good news is that its money-back guarantee is for a 90-day period, less shipping and handling. To start processing your refund, you will have to call customer support at (844)-650-5933.

Cerastim and its Topmost Essential Point

You’ve learned a great deal of information about Cerastim. With this knowledge, would you still trust that the supplement could give you improved mental health and performance? Would you trust the company with your money thinking that this is a worthwhile purchase? Below are our examination and opinions based on the information that was available to us provided by the product website.

Live Cell Research is a Newbie in the Supplement Industry


As we have mentioned in our other reviews, Live Cell Research is a new company in the industry. This is the primary reason why there aren’t many customer reviews discussing Cerastim online. Basically, the company hasn’t established itself in the market and is still in the process of introducing their products to the public. We were able to find many review sites providing feedbacks about the supplement, but we’re not totally sure if these sites were genuine or just fake ones pretending to be legit to mislead people. Knowing the continuous proliferation of fake review sites, this is highly possible.

Clinical Evidence on Cerastim

Even though there could be scientific proof demonstrating that some of these components could work to boost the generation of neurotransmitters, there is no scientific evidence that Cerastim is effective itself. It would be more helpful if you read more on the subject of nootropic supplements, how they work and if there’s any veracity to their claims of improved brain performance and health.

Moreover, it is a bit sardonic that the promotional video used for Cerastim mentions Stephen Wiltshire, Derek Paravicini and Jason Padgett as ones with remarkable mental strength and performance and how you could be like them by using Cerastim. This reason for this is because Wiltshire and Paravicini both have autism. This seriously limits their mental capacities outside of their own talents. Also, Padgett, who is mentioned as one having the ability to draw intricate mathematical algorithms by hand, obtained his incredible mathematical aptitude after experiencing a critical brain injury.

Final Verdict: How Genuine is Cerastim?

Though Cerastim’s official site is simple to explore and contains helpful information about the product, it is also crucial to remember that brain boosters in general don’t have sufficient clinical proof as to their effectiveness in improving brain health and performance. Given this, it is better to consult with your doctor for other means of increasing your mental capacities.

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