A Product Review of Raspberry Ultra Drops

Raspberry Ultra Drops General Idea

This nutritional supplement asserts to be an effective sublingual weight loss solution. This is composed of raspberry ketone, African mango, green tea, l-carnitine, and l-tyrosine to aid in the elimination of your unwanted body fat. These components are said to be also helpful in giving you toned muscles and making you feel great as a whole. Raspberry Ultra Drops is also claimed to be highly efficient that you can expect to shed 1-2 lbs every day and that this weight loss is long-lasting. You can also do so without feeling hungry. Moreover, Raspberry Ultra Drops claims to be 500x more potent that its competition. Simply put, its manufacturer touts that Raspberry Ultra Drops is the ultimate weight loss answer for both men and women.

The cost of the supplement depends on the quantity. See below:

2 ounces (15 day supply): $59.95

4 ounces (30 day supply): $99.95

6 ounces (45 day supply): $149.95

8 ounces (60 day supply): $199.95

16 ounces (120 day supply): $329.95

Is Raspberry Ultra Drops Worth Buying?

You may have heard about the product on social media, or through a friend’s suggestion, or maybe even an article posted on a prominent news site, which would make you think Raspberry Ultra Drops is genuine. We think this isn’t really the case. Read on to know why.

Advertising Schemes

preview-full-mincissez-en-beaute-bslimThere’s a concern that Raspberry Ultra Drops’ technique of getting known is by hacking Facebook accounts. As the accounts are penetrated, they send out notifications to the hacked accounts’ friends. If a supplement were legitimate, such advertising practice, which is outright illegal, wouldn’t be even brought into picture.

Moreover, if you enter the URL indicated on the notification, you’ll be passed on to a site that is made to look like it is being hosted by FOX. But this isn’t what’s going on, really. The manufacturer of Raspberry Ultra Drops appears to be also making false celebrity endorsements from such personalities as Dr. Oz since he’s discussed the weight loss potential of raspberry ketone on his TV show. But he’s never promoted a particular supplement from a certain company.

Lastly, there’s a video on the product site saying that Raspberry Ultra Drops has appeared on such huge TV networks as The CW, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS. But these claims of media appearances cannot be verified online. Such scenarios are strong signs that a product and its company may just be ripping people off.

 What are the Components in Raspberry Ultra Drops?

It is important to note that the components listed for Raspberry Ultra Drops don’t have clinical evidence showing that they’re, in any way, can produce results related to weight loss. Essentially, raspberry ketone itself, though believed by some to be helpful in terms of weight loss, is not backed up by science. There’s definitely nothing that proves it can do what some say it can as far as losing and/or sustaining weight is concerned.

Product Assertions

preview-full-ART-P-802-635533853722477500The company behind Raspberry Ultra Drops, apparently, makes huge assertions about the product. This includes saying that the product can make you lose 1-2 pounds each day and that it’s been shown to rouse your body’s mechanism to instantly torch excess fat and permanently remove it from your body. Meanwhile, the video on the product site says Raspberry Ultra Drops can help you shed 2-5 pounds each day.

But as we just stated earlier, all of the components in Raspberry Ultra Drops are not clinically tested and proven to generate any beneficial results related to weight loss. As a matter of fact, the CDC said that losing weight the healthy way means 1-2 pounds per week, as opposed to Raspberry Ultra Drops’ claimed 1-2 pounds per day. Losing weight more than 1-2 pounds weekly may lead to health consequences.

All things considered, the only healthy and proven way to lose weight and maintain it is through proper nutrition and regular fitness regimen.

Raspberry Ultra Drops Price

The supplement’s price is another important consideration you should pay attention to. Considering that it has no clinical backings, its steep cost is hard to justify. But if you’re keen on trying sublingual raspberry ketone products, there are several other brands being offered by well-known resellers at much more cheaper costs.

As for Raspberry Ultra Drops, once you’ve purchased the supplement, there’s no undoing it because based on the supplement’s Terms & Conditions, there’s no money-back guarantee.

Customer Support

While the official site of the supplement says that customer service is accessible 24/7, you can actually reach out to them through an online form or through live chat. Thus, it seems that it’ll also be a challenge to actually talk to a customer service representative in the case that you have queries or concerns about your orders. As for customer support convenience, this seems like a red flag.

Final Verdict

There are many issues associated with Raspberry Ultra Drops and its manufacturer – from the baseless claims, to the scheming advertising ploys, the steep cost of the product and to the absence of a telephone number or email address for easier contact with the customer service. With these observations, we recommend for you to look for another brand that’s reliable enough to be deserving of your attention.

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