Prostanol Review: Is it effective?

Prostanol Review: Is it effective?

Prostanol Summary

Prostanol is an herbal formula to support as well as promote prostate health. It is said to have the ability to shrink an enlarged prostate without the damaging side effects and sexual issues like prescription medications almost always do. This blend was designed to regulate androgen hormones and strengthen urinary function. It maintains prostate cell health and reduces many of the symptoms linked with prostate issues.The manufactures boast that Prostanol was formulated to treat conditions such as carcinoma in the prostate, acute prostatitis, and BPH. Prostanol claims that its supplement is the strongest prostate protective formula on the current market.

Prostanol Ingredients and Functions


Pumpkin Seed extract has been intensely researched of late because one trial discovered that it can enhance the ability to urinate without agonizing pain and reduce the prostate enlargement.Lycopene is one of the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world and attained from tomatoes. It decreases oxidative stress which reduces cell damage. It has shown the capacity to prevent the progression of cancer, especially in the prostate gland.Stinging Nettle is a medicine used in antiquity that is also called to as Utica Dioica by the science realm. It provokes actions very similar to the commercially produced BPH prescriptions, but without the resulting effect of erectile dysfunction.Beta Sitosterol was found to rectify prostate enlargement and improve the output during urination to better void the bladder. This diminishes the nightly trips to the toilet as well.Zinc subdues carcinogenesis in prostate tissue cells and attacks free radicals. This property is known to induce cell suicide of cancer as well as block carcinoma cell metastasis.

The makers of this supplement state that 2 gel capsules are a daily dose which should be consumed with food and never exceeded.

Prostanol Pros and Cons

Prostanol Formula

Prostanol Pros

Every ingredient in this formula was scientifically tested for efficacy.

All of the components in Prostanol are natural.

Many websites that offer this product provide a multi-purchase discount.

The price of this prostate protective supplement formula is about mid-range.

The supplement manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Prostanol Cons

There have been no scientific research studies conducted on Prostanol itself.

There numerous negative reviews from displeased and outraged consumers.

The Prostanol money back guarantee is only good for up to 60 days.

Shop Spot

This supplement may be ordered from a wide selection of vitamin and supplement websites as well as Amazon. A 60 count bottle can range from $25 to $40 depending on where it is ordered from. This is for a one-month supply, if taken as directed. Many sites provide discounts when more than one is purchased at once and that coupon value increases with the number of bottles on the order.


There are many more negative reviews than negative from consumers who used this supplement than positive. While the ingredients have been explored the complete post market formula has received none. Prostanol does offer monetary reimbursement, bit is only valid for 60 days. The number of dissatisfied users makes this seem like an unwise purchase.

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