Prostate Defense – Is it the best supplement?

Prostate Defense - Is it the best supplement?

Some people have come to the decision that they need or want to incorporate supplements into their daily lives. For these people, they have a chance at battling the unfortunate circumstances that come along with aging but with a natural and holistic approach! Others may wish to go and see their doctors and have medication prescribed, the only trouble is that there may be more side effects than necessary.

Product overview

Prostate disease

Did you know that almost fifty percent of men face prostate problems after they have reached the age of 40? Issues in this area may lead to prostate cancer and sadly, studies have proven that one on every six who experience issues results in this terrible disease. This is why it is extremely important to take note and extra care with this. Prostate Defense understands that most prostate-related issues arise in the polyuria or urine dribbling increase. If you notice anything different it is better to act fast and this supplement will help. If you keep on top of this you will have no problems sleeping, peeing, or during sex. This particular supplement promises that you will see a significant reduction in the amount of bathroom trips you take in one evening.

What is the formula used?

Prostate Defense - Formula

Made of different plants and vegetables, this product has the following ingredients and extracts: Saw palmetto, Urtica dioica (nettle root), Pumpkin seed oil, Pygeum Africanum, Lycopene, Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium. The substances Saw palmetto and nettle root play an important role in blocking the conversion of testosterone into its active form and smoothing the passage of urine which leads to the improvement of overall prostate health. Scientists have also observed that nighttime urination is decreased by 32% due to the presence of pumpkin seed oil and pygeum Africanum. These substances help in increasing overall urination force and this results in completely emptying the bladder. Vitamin E and lycopene act as antioxidants and protect the prostate from free radicals. Zinc and selenium improve the overall health and functional status of the prostate. Each of these components is dependent upon one another and work tandem. There are no risks of negative side effects unless you are allergic to any of the stated ingredients or you are taking other drugs which may generate an allergic skin reaction or GIT upsets.


This supplement is in the form of liquid soft gels at a very affordable price of $14.24 per bottle which can easily be managed by most. You must take this product twice or three times daily for at least 2-3 months in order to notice any improvements.

To conclude:

There are other supplements on the market that are far better than this product and you can guarantee noticeable results. One of which is Male UltraCore which uses herbs from around the world to create the most advanced formula that not only has benefits to the prostate but many other advantages. This product will not let you down!

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