Prostate Revive Review: Is it effective

Prostate Revive Review: Is it effective:

Prostate Revive Summary

Men beyond 50 years of age generally have some sort of prostate trouble. The most prevalent of them enlarge the prostate. This gland continues to grow through a gentleman’s lifetime and maintaining the health of the prostate should be a number one priority. Prostate Revive was designed to attend to this crisis and Medix Select claims that this combination of botanicals can not only shield the prostate from these health conditions, but cure those which are preexisting. Prostate Revive also claims that its formula is much more powerful than any of the other in the marketplace.

Prostate Revive Ingredients and Functions

Prostate disorders

Plant sterols are derived from a wide variety of plants. They have shown an ability to improve the libido while shrinking prostate enlargement.

Saw Palmetto, extracted from a petite palm tree, is said to reduce the size of an inflamed prostate as well as block the development of hormone related prostatic cancer.

Stinging Nettle contains not just one, but several properties which diminish prostate size through many different mechanisms. They also hamper the synthesis of estrogen further supporting the health of the prostate.

Pygeum Africanum is expressed from the bark of a cherry tree and delivers potent sterols which have an anti-proliferative influence on malignant cells in prostate tissue. It can also reduce urination complications.

Pumpkin Seed powder inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone which is thought to be one cause of prostate growth. This element can flush harmful bacterial from the urinary tract system and calm an overactive bladder.

Though investigations are still underway to discover the precise mechanisms, vitamin D slows the aggression of cancer cells in the prostate gland and impedes tumorigenesis.

Lycopene is believed to be one of the strongest anti-oxidant weapons on the earth to defend against prostatic cancer. This applies doubly to free radicals which attacks the prostate.

Zinc is thought to play a significant role in prostate health and has the ability to alter normal cell environment making it impossible for carcinoma cells to survive.

The makers advise taking two capsules daily.

Prostate Revive Pros and Cons

Prostate Revive Review: Ingredients

Prostate Revive Pros

Positive customer reviews are readily available on the web.

Each constituent in this formula has gone through scientific study.

The manufacturer offers a 90-day money back guarantee and accepts opened packages.

Consumers receive a discount for order more than one bottle.

Prostate Revive Cons

There are not any clinical trials for the combination in Prostate Revive.

There are nearly as many negative reviews as positive.

The commitment to the use of Prostate Revive is pretty expensive.

Shop Spot

There are many supplement distribution websites which carry Prostate Revive as well as the official Medix Select site. It is about $40 for 60 capsules which is a 30-day supply.


There are good reviews for the use of Prostate Revive and the constituents in it have scientific backing. There are also almost as many negative experiences and the formula itself has not been tried. This is an expensively poor purchase decision.

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